Author Topic: Brand New Dive Gear for Sale. Best & Lowest Prices, Great Deal!!! Must See!!!  (Read 1701 times)


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Thermal Tec 3mm Male - XL (S$210)
Thermal Tec 3mm Female - L (S$210)
Thermal Tec 5mm  Male - XL (S$350)
Everflex Female 3mm - M (S$240)
Standard Wetsuit 3mm Male - 2 x Small, L (S$100 Each)
Standard Wetsuit 3mm Female - M, 2 x Large (S$100 Each)
Profile 0.5mm Male - S, M (S$100.00 each)
Profile 0.5mm Female - S, L (S$100.00 each)
Scubapro Hooded Vest - XS, ML, L (S$60.00 each)

Thermal Top
GUL Evo Thermal Male - 2 x Small (S$70.00 each)

Dry Bag (Black with Yellow Logo) - (S$20.00)

Scubapro Delta Short Boots (US/12) - (S$40.00)
Scubapro Delta Short Boots (US/6) - (S$40.00)
Scubapro Delta Club High Boots (US/5) - (S$50.00)

Dive Computer
Mares Icon with Colour (1st Series) - (S$500.00)

Mares Instinct Pro Freediving Fins (40-41, 6 1/2 - 7 1/2) - (S$100.00)

Scubapro Marin (Red/Clear) - (S$50.00)
Scubapro Marin (Blue/Clear) - (S$50.00)
Scubapro Specta (Yellow/Clear) - (S$50.00)
Scubapro Marin 2 (Blue/Clear) - (S$45.00)

Mach V Chroma Series Wing 18lL - Black on Black (S$230.00)
Ultra Lite Travel Back Plate - Black (S$70.00)
Deluxe Medium Weight Pockets - Red (S$25.00)
Deluxe Wetnotes x 4 (S$20.00 each)

Dive Light
UK SL6 x 1 (S30.00)

Hard Case
UK 406 Ultra Box for Sale x 3 @ S$35.00 each

2 Packs of 8 Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries (5th Anniversary Limited Edition) @ S$40.00 a pack (2 packs for S$75.00)

All items above are brand new! Interested, please kindly contact Keen @ 9816 9336 for viewing @ Clementi Ave 5.

Transaction as simple as 123: View, Like, Pay & Go

Please kindly note that all prices are not negotiable. Low-ball price will not be entertain.
Kindly do your own research regarding products of interest as they are what they are as stated above, with Google the world is at your fingertips.

Thank you for viewing:)