Author Topic: Anyone heard or owned "Fathom One"?  (Read 53728 times)


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Re: Anyone heard or owned "Fathom One"?
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  • Prices vary from year to year so it's hard to say for sure. Anyway, one thing to note about rescue course and single webbing + back plate + back inflation BCDs. If you're doing the PADI rescue course, my personal experience is that it's best to go with the traditional style jacket BCD. Easier to learn (I'm assuming your instructor will be using a jacket BCD) and easier to take out on surface for both yourself and victim's cos of all the clips and stuff. Of course, with practice, you'll be able to take your BPW setup easily on the surface and it's entirely possible to take the victim's BPW off on the surface without letting his/her head go under water. End of the day, it still depends on the instructor you're under. If it were me, I'll stick with jacket BCd for the rescue course.

    Back to your question of buying the Fathom One. I've used it before and have no problem with it. The quality of the Al backplate is not as refined as other (more expensive) brands like Halcyon and Oxycheq. The edges feels rougher. Might want to go Beach Road to get a couple of cheap weight pouches to go along with your setup if you don't like strapping weights to your cam bands.

    Okays thanks alot. My instructor is using a bp and wing bcd so i'll get one myself since i like bp and wing bcd compared to jacket style. Hmmm i see. Okays thanks alot!! 


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    Anyone heard or owned "Fathom One"?
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  • I got a set of Nylon washers from blk 31 Kelantan road, the hardware shops there.
    But I think u may be able to find them at those DIY stores in shopping centres also...

    I simply removed the bolts. The sales lady said it was more cosmetic than anything else, to keep the wing from flopping around.

    This time, no white aluminum oxide (galvanic corrosion) around the bolts or any sort of rainbow discoloration! Didn't miss the bolts either, and one less component to worry about during the post-trip equipment stripping session :)