Author Topic: Dive rite traveller bladder doesn't stay inflated on storage  (Read 2533 times)


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Hi another question from the newbie,
I got my first BC from diverite few months ago and is taking it out for phuket this weekend. I orally inflate it and ... To the best of my lung and leave it for a while .. The bladder which initially is really tight, soften by say 10% or less (my green estimate) ... It doesn't have any hissing sound nor does it deflate when I sit on it ..

Am wondering though if its normal ?

Thanks ...


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It's normal for gas to leak out very slowly. As long as there's no obvious leak - hissing sounds on land or continuous stream of bubbles leaking out underwater, usually from the o rings, it's fine.

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How long is your "a while"? If the deflation happens within a few hours, then your bladder might need to be replaced. Why not soak in a pail/tub of water to see how bad is the leak?


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sorry, dun really understand.
storage? or on the boat just before u dive?
if it's deflated just before u go dive, its not normal.

air may escape through your dump valve.
maybe try opening it up and cleaning it a little.

also, dun think sitting on ur bc is normal.


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First off, I wouldn't recommend sitting on the bladder haha

Secondly, I've somewhat experienced this issue before. In my case, I realized that the inflator hose was not seated properly when I took it out to wash it. So probably if you (or anyone else) had removed it, probably wanna check that it is seated properly. Rotate it around and see if it shift. Mine "popped" into place when I rotated it and I realized that's the problem. Since yours is fairly new, I don't think it's the springs in your valves getting stuck but it might be worth a try.

Worse come to worse, contact whoever you bought it from. If it is from dge, their return policy is excellent and they'll help you out anytime.

Hope this helps!