Author Topic: Help.... Need to find Servicing Centre for Halcyon  (Read 5814 times)


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oh yes that reminds me.. my old halcyon inflator is also the metal one. wondering if i should go get it changed. it's still wroking fine though.

if i'm not wwrong, the plastic one that they use now is non-serviceable and is meant to be semi-disposable. is that true?

I think its still serviceable.  Only thing is that its damn difficult to take it apart without this special tool. 

So they call it a 'FACT' coz someone made some statements on a 'FACT SHEET'? hummm...


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My Halcyon wing has serious fraying at the seam at several areas after barely 100+ dives.  Read in other forums that Halcyon will replace it foc even if warranty over as this is considered manufacture defect/quality issue. 

Anyone experienced this before?  Should I go to Barter Maison or Living Seas?  Thanks.
What wing r u using? My Eclipse & Evolve stills look good. It could be a batch issue. Approach Living Seas would be better. They are in a better position to advise...


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I think its still serviceable.  Only thing is that its damn difficult to take it apart without this special tool.  

If Antacid is still using the old type 4 metal inflator.... all he need is a large flathead screw driver and a allen key to keep the button from moving.

The PDF manual is here....

On other website... divers suggest cleaning the inflator every 60-80 dive.  :P
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