Author Topic: Integrated Weight BCD  (Read 4974 times)


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Re: Integrated Weight BCD
« Reply #10 on: 12 Nov 10, 23:21 »
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  • Having 1 weight on the side (at most 4" from the center) will make one roll is a bit exaggerated.  I usually dive without weight, but on occassion when I'm using 1 weight, don't feel any difference.  Imagine if we hold our camera gear on 1 hand, are we going to spin? ;)

    Weight belt has another advantage not mentioned above, ie can easily pass to boatman before climbing lessening one's load.

    thats my opinion as well after so many dives in indonesia.they seem to encourage weight belts. if you had to walk back to the DC like in Tulamben, weight belts win hands down. especially if you are also holding a camera.


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    Re: Integrated Weight BCD
    « Reply #11 on: 15 Nov 10, 10:50 »
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  • If you have well designed weight piouches, just lug both sides along by the handles don't see that as too much of a problem. I like my Zeagle integrated
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