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For RENT: Garmin Descent MK1
« on: 04 Jan 19, 15:57 »
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  • For RENT only.

    Rent a Garmin Descent MK1 at $50/week to enhance your dive trip and start your electronic dive log. Decided to rent out for other divers to use since I don't dive every month. Look up the features at

    I like this dive watch as it is not just a dive computer but also allows you to record your dive details on the Garmin Connect app to show your buddies. It records your time in and location in, as well as out time that you can see the gps on a map. It tracks your depth with a nice graph, as well as your heartrate if you care for it. It has a built in dive compass that is cool to use. And many others.

    The watch will be passed to you reset to factory settings so you can set it up using your profile.
    You will need to download and signup to the Garmin Connect App for your self.

    Important NOTE:
    I will need you to sign a rental agreement face to face in which you need to provide me with a photocopy of your NRIC.
    I will need you to place a refundable deposit of S$1200 on top and in addition to the rental fee. I will not pass the watch to you without this. Please understand this is not to scam you but you can see that a brand new watch is S$1400 to S$1500 and nobody is selling this used yet. So I need to protect myself should someone decide to walk off with the watch (great deal for $50!) or should they lose the watch overboard or sit their air tank on top of it. When you return me the watch intact and without major issues, I will transfer the deposit back to you on the spot. I will sign a document confirming the receipt of the deposit of course.

    You will get the full deposit back provided the watch is fully functioning, the watch face is not scratched, the watch does not have any major dents, the buttons all work, the strap is not torn, the charging cable is intact and functioning.
    If the strap is torn, I will deduct $100 from the deposit to replace it. If the charging cradle is broken, I will also keep $100 to replace it. If the watch is not functioning, has a major dent or the glass is scratched or cracked, I will keep the whole $1200 deposit since I will need to replace a new watch.  I will not penalise for minor scratches on the body provided it does not impair the watch function.

    The rental week starts from the day you pick up for 7 days counting the day you picked up and the day you hand back to me. Any excess days will be pro-rated until you return the watch, and deducted from your deposit.
    I reserve the right to decide not to rent the watch if I am not convinced you are a bonafide renter or if I am not convinced that you will take care of the watch.   

    Interested ping me at nine-zero-6-6-nine-008.

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