Author Topic: Dive Computer or Bottom Timer?  (Read 1515 times)


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Dive Computer or Bottom Timer?
« on: 23 Jun 17, 14:23 »
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  • Many dive operators and resorts have begun providing dive computers for rent, possibly to keep track of their divers' exposures, and also for their divers' peace-of-mind. As a result, almost everyone dives with one nowadays.

    But are dive computers a necessity for recreational diving?

    Have new divers become so reliant on technology that they have forgotten how to use their dive tables and don't really understand the principles of diving physiology? How do diver computers work?

    On a recent dive trip, I overheard a group of divers talking about dive computers and the pros and cons of each respective model.

    Here's a article that sheds some light on whether you should invest in a dive computer, or a bottom timer.