Author Topic: Having Problems with your Suunto D6 / D6i or older D9? I have a solution for you  (Read 6192 times)


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Hi everyone, I don't know how appropriate it is to tell you this here in this forum,
So if I shouldn't have (Mod's) done it please feel free to delete or move it.

Im a diver just like you guys are, and I have had nothing but problems with the two Suunto computers I have owned.
Both were watch types, a D6 that was sold to a lot of Instructors in Thailand at a discount because we were professionals, and then later a D9 that I bought very cheap 2nd hand.

With the first one, the strap kept de-laminating from the Attachment point, and I almost lost it at the back of the boat twice, then on the third one, after about 4 months, it just cracked, and then the same day broke.

Now the loss wouldn't have been dangerous to me in any way, because the Suunto was just a back up computer, I also use a Primary, and a Dive watch with Buhlmann Air Deco tables in my pocket, but it was making me angry.
Sure they replaced them happily at the service place here in Phuket, and it was not a problem. But what would happen if I had lost the watch during the dive, or at the end of a dive when I was helping customers back on to the boat?
They can only replace a strap if you still have the watch...

When I contacted Suunto to find out if I could get a replacement metal strap at a decent price, they just said it was a "Known problem" and they would keep replacing it as long as it was under warranty (that was two years at the time).

So "no joy" from them, needless to say, I ended up not using the watch at all, and eventually traded it for a Citizen Dual Display model, not a really smart move on my part, but how could i saddle someone with something i refused to wear because of the "Known issue" of the band?
No, I was stuck with the lemon, but the trade was OK, because the guy knew the story and was happy to trade. why wouldn't he though, there is a big price difference between the two products?

So to make a long story short, I have a mate of mine that has a "boutique watch brand" and he had given me a watch a while before, so that he could feature someone that has spent the last 20+ years working in the diving business as a Diver on his web page.

we got to talking about the construction of a lot of different items, I'm an engineer, and he is a watch guy, we both make a lot of stuff that has to be bullet proof and water resistant.
My business here does custom repairs, and high end servicing on Dive equipment in the low season, in high season I still usually work as a Tour leader on a high end liveaboard in the Similan Islands and up in to Burma as well.

In the end, with my mates help and resources, we made "Tibby-Adapters" and currently we make adapters for the Suunto D6 / D6i, and the older D9, as well as the best Nylon Zulu straps you can find anywhere.
Not super cheap, but also not very expensive if yu compare it with the price of all those straps you will have to change, and a LOT cheaper than loosing an expensive bit of kit!

And before I get a million more emails, No there is nothing yet for the D4 models or the new D9i/D9tx's
Not yet anyway, we are working on it, but the attachment system is really cheap, but hard to duplicate on a 5 axis CNC Milling Machine as well.
Everything on these adapters is custom, even the spring bars are stainless steel "Shoulder-less" design, so they fit in way deeper than a normal Spring-Bar.
Machined on a 5 axis CNC Milling Machine out of 316 Surgical Stainless, and Titanium so they match the watches themselves and will not create dielectric corrosion problems.
The Zulu straps are Laser cut, and Heat sealed, 2.5mm thick (1.5 is normal) 24mm width and 30 CM length.
If your Military, Professional Diver, Police, Rescue, Ambulance crew etc anyone who works at a job that is a public service you get a discount (not big but it better then nothing)
By "work at" I mean that's how you earn your living, and you will have to show proof, not just an Instructor card copy if you get my meaning.

I'm not really trying to advertise a product here, because at the moment between the people off Scubaboard, and the traffic i get from facebook, im pretty busy anyway, it's more of an introduction I'm trying.
I dont make a lot on the adapters because we made them to compete with the copies that will eventually be made so they cost me a lot to make them as tough as they can be.
That and trying to figure out how we can produce the ones for the other models in a material that is both durable and looks like it belongs on the watch is a full time job.
If your wondering what they are like, look them up on Facebook, and you will see some pictures, and a lot of customer responses to them over the last year.
Any questions please feel free to ask,

Tibby-Adapters, changing Suunto for the better
Check them out at

Cheers and Dive safe!