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Luminox Dive Watch
« on: 23 Nov 12, 18:27 »
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  • If you are eyeing the Luminox dive watch for the Deep Wonders Underwater Photography Competition, here's a sneak peek of the watch. I have the opportunity to bring the Luminox Navy Seal watch during my last trip. Thanks to Luminox for giving me the opportunity to abuse this nifty timepiece.

    My first impression of the watch are the design and styling - it has this rugged and masculine feel to it. The bright green dials and high-contrast number are design for easy readability. It's handy when you want to check the time in that dark cabin during the wee hours. The 12 o'clock has an orange illumination which is useful for orientation and perspective. I also like that the watch come with a very soft and comfortable polyurethane strap as I always do with watches and dive computers.

    On land, it feel comfortable and natural on the wrist but underwater, I hardly noticed the watch because it's of its lightweight. Initially, I have to keep looking at it because I thought it wasn't there but I got used to it after a while. It always there and I didn't manage lose it. I will preferred it to be slightly heavier though, but then it's a matter of preference I guess. The watch is rated at 200 meters so I have always wanted to see if the watch work as advertised. Not that I have any plan for a 200 meters dive but I'm just happy that the watch survived the 30 meters depth that I was only willing to dive. The longest dive for this trip was an hour and yes, it still work.

    What separate Luminox and the other brand are the Luminox Light Technology. The tritium gas tube illumination system allows the hands and hour indices to glow brightly for 25 years without having to absorb light. It work well on land so I was looking forward to bring it down for a night dive, switch off the light and see it for myself. I'm actually very curious to find out if its useful it is as a back up light. Unfortunately this is not what the light is designed for. It's far from bright to be use as a back up light.  Although I have to admit that, during the night dive, the light technology is useful to keep track of time. One glance at the watch and I'm able to tell them time. I'll set the bezel for a 40 minute dive to monitor my time underwater easily. Instead of having to shine my torch at the dive computer, all I need is a quick glance at the watch. Of course, occasionally I do check the dive computer for depth but not as frequent since we are diving shallow at night all the time.

    After, a week of diving and abuse, I'm quite please with myself because I didn't manage to scratch the glass face. It's made of mineral glass crystal so it probably can take a couple of minor impact. Not that I suggest you try scratching it with a screwdriver.

    Overall, if you are looking for a rugged and tough watch that you can wear everyday and bring to your dive trip, then Luminox is probably one of the better option. Itís simple, functional and reliable timepiece with an affordable price tag. Its not a dive computer and never will it replace one but as a reliable dive watch, rest assured you can depend on the dive watch to track your bottom time. In case your dive computer fail on you during your dive, you will have at least something to rely on. Of course, if you dont have a dive computer and prefers diving off the tables as we were all taught during our certification, a dive watch will be essential to keep track of dive time, safety stop and surface interval.

    Luminox is one of our partners for the Deep Wonders campaign and they have a displayed showcase at the exhibition. If you drop by at the exhibition, you can have a look at the watches on display. If you participate in the competition and didn't win the watch, dont worry because you may still own a Luminox. Come down to the two talks and you be in for a surprise! All I can say is that we have an extensive goodie bag this time round but limited!
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