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Scubapro Aladin Sport Matrix
« on: 21 Apr 17, 18:37 »
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  • Hi all, new to the forum but couldn't find the introduction thread so I thought I'll make a contribution here instead.

    A couple of months back I have been shopping around for my first personal dive computer following the failure of several Puck Pros owned by the dive shop that I am working for. Initially I had my eyes on the Suunto Vyper Novo - a buffed up version of the Zoop Novo with built-in digital compass - but after further searching I came across the new Scubapro Aladin Sport Matrix.

    Similar to the Zoop Novo, the Aladin Sport Matrix is a puck-sized wrist computer with a built-in digital compass. However it comes with a feature that I like alot - the Bluetooth 4.0 connection to download logs directly to your phone or PC. Great function for me after manually logging more than 200 dives.

    To top it off the SP was way cheaper than the Suunto. I bought mine online for GBP215 excl. VAT (latest conversion rate at approx. SGD385), shipped to Kuala Lumpur from RobinHood Watersports UK.

    Cons wise I did not fancy the exceptionally long strap that it came with. And since I do not plan to dive dry anytime in the near future, I went and ordered a cheap rubber strap with stainless steel clasp for it. Wasn't hard to find the right sized strap since the width of the lugs are 23mm and was easily swapped using a narrow hex key to remove the pin.

    Presently it has logged approximately 30 dives and I'm mostly relying on its compass for navigation (take note that most digital compasses require frequent calibration for accuracy). I would highly recommend this dive computer for all levels of recreational diving. Pretty sure you wouldn't need an upgrade if it doesn't break.

    Here are some pictures of mine with the strap exchanged. You can view the spec sheet on the Scubapro site. Cheers and safe diving.

    P/S: I would highly suggest that you check with your local Scubapro dealer on its availability before choosing to purchase it online.


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    Re: Scubapro Aladin Sport Matrix
    « Reply #1 on: 24 Apr 17, 13:49 »
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  • >bungee mount that thing, more pretty, and looks cool and sophisicated .