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  • Palu in Central Sulawesi: 29 Jan 11 - 03 Feb 11

Author Topic: An exciting new place to consider.....  (Read 1433 times)


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An exciting new place to consider.....
« on: 02 Jan 11, 22:26 »
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  • Hi people here is a new place recommended by my German friends: Palu in Central Sulawesi.

    Went there last year with them and the holiday was a blast. They are the only Dive Resort in 300km radius so you will be the only dive group there. Here's a short desciption:

       Explore the dive wonders of Central Sulawesi with Prince John DIve Resort, the only Dive Reosrt in Palu. Go on adventurous and exciting dives to new unexplored dive sites that promises new rare sightings everyday.

       With up to 16 different dive spots, from shore dives to remote sea mounts and rarely explored wrecks, you will be absolutely spoilt with choices. Venture to unexplored Parsoso Island, a turtle nesting sanctuary north of the resort with the company of dolphins and stunning views of the horizon right on the equator. Be the first few divers to go on exploratory dives to Parsos Island, where untouched corals thrive and marine life is at an abundance waiting for you to discover!

       A spot popular for many underwater photographers, be fascinated by pristine underwater landscapes made of massive fan corals, big black corals, precious gorgonians, colourful sponges and other soft and hard corals.

       There is also a multitude of marine life to be found, with species like bumphead parrot fish, pipe fish, shoals of jack fish, black snappers, turtles, schnepf knife fish, blue spotted stingrays, spanish dancers, lobsters and many other!

       So come explore, and share your dive experiences with us at Prince John DIve Resort.

    The main draw here is Parsoso Island. When I went up last year it was the first time in 3 years the place has seen divers and there was quite a lot of big fish action. The highlight was when we saw 10 gray reef sharks in 1 dive. The places has been dived too infrequently to assure any reliable sightings to be sure thats why dives there are truly exploratory.

    I will be going up there again from 29 Jan to 3 Feb 2010 and I really hope to have more divers going up this time round. If you are interested please PM me. Estimated cost is about 1k excluding tickets.

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