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  • CNY - Dive Malapascua: 04 Feb 11 - 09 Feb 11

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CNY - Dive Malapascua
« on: 04 Jan 11, 21:31 »
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  • CNY – DIVE Malapascua

    Malapascua Island is just off the north tip of Cebu (Philippines map). About 2km by 0.5km, you
    can walk around it in 1-2 hours. It has a population of around 4000, most of whom live off
    tourism, fishing, boat building or coconuts.

    The name Malapascua means 'Bad Christmas' in Cebuano. Legend has it that it was so named
    because the Spanish first landed here one stormy Christmas Day in the 1500's. There is some
    debate about the name however because although 'mal' definitely means 'bad', 'pasco' means
    Christmas in the local language of Cebuano but 'pascua' in Spanish means Easter. So perhaps it
    was a stormy Easter after all.

    Malapascua was first 'discovered' by present-day foreigners over 25 years ago, when Freddy of
    Cocobana Resort first bought land and 10 years later opened the island's very first resort.
    Although Freddy was not a diver, at the same time dive safaris were coming up from Cebu and
    making the first ever dives with thresher sharks. Pretty soon afterwards Malapascua became
    known as a premier dive destination in the Philippines and divers starting visiting regularly.
    Today, Malapascua remains a beautiful, sleepy island, as yet unspoiled by tourism with white
    sandy beaches, lush green palm trees and surrounded by clear blue waters.
    There are no cars on the island and most buildings are only one floor high. The locals are
    friendly and like to say hello and chat. They may even invite you to their homes for dinner, or at
    least to sit down, join those singing songs and playing guitar, and toast each other with a rum and

    4th – 9th February 2011 (6D5N)
    Suggested Itinerary
      * 3rd Feb - Meeting up at Changi Budget Terminal @ 2220 hour.
      * 4th Feb - Depart Changi Budget Terminal on Cebu Pacific Flight No. 548 @ 0020 hour.
                      Arrive Cebu Airport @ 0400 hour. Transfer to resort, arrived @ 0800 hour.
                      2 dives after lunch…
      * 5th Feb – 3 dives
      * 6th Feb – 3 dives
      * 7th Feb – 3 dives
      * 8th Feb – 1 dive
      * 9th Feb – Depart Resort after lunch.
                       Transfer to Cebu Airport
                       Depart Cebu Airport on Cebu Pacific Flight No. 547 @ 1955 hour.
                       Arrive Singapore @ 2335 hour…

    Promotional Package Price – S$1200.00 (book before 15th Jan 2011)
    Usual Package Price ‐ $1300.00

    Package Includes:-

     * 5 Nights Twin Sharing Sea-View Accommodation @ Tepanee Resort.
     * 12 day dives
     * Dive Guide Services, Air Tanks & Weights
     * Return Land & Sea Transfers to Airport
     * Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Meal Plan (except for Day of Arrival & Departure Day)
     * Marine Park Fee

    Package Essentially Excludes:-
     * All Air Fares
     * Dive Equipment Rental (except for air tanks & weights) P300 per dive…
     * Dive Torch Rental P250
     * Additional Dives
     * Night Dive Surcharge +P250 per dive
     * Dona Marilyn/Calangaman Fuel Surcharge P350 per trip
     * Calangaman Park Fee P200 per day
     * Nitrox Fill +P350
     * All F&B Consumption Apart from Inclusive Daily Meal Plan
     * Travel Insurance
     * All Item(s) Not Mentioned Above

    Tepanee Resort -

    For more information and enquiries, please kindly visit our website or contact us @:

    t: +65 6222 3257
    +65 6222 3257