Author Topic: Hari Raya long weekend LOB trip to Tioman and Kuantan on MV Andaman Tritan  (Read 5282 times)


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Thanks KP for organising the trip, the wrecks were fantastic.

Really love Kuantan wreck. There are lots of small holes to peep into the dark compartments and lots of soft corals on the deck, like the type you see at tiger reef. Really wonderful. Didn't penetrate the wreck but I spotted a ~1.5m shark inside from one of the peeping holes. Too bad the fella swim deeper into the wreck before others can see it, so no evidence.
Would like to thank the DMs also for tying descend line. The wreck is located in open seas so surface current can be quite strong. But once you reach the wreck everything becomes so calm. Can dive slowly. Size is just nice for 2 dives to cover. Basically you follow guide line down, take your time to circle around it as much as you can, go up go down (I think got few stories high the wreck) then by the time you almost hit NDL you'll be near to the guideline back d. I like that the bottom is less than 30 meters so not as deep as igara, more light and can have more bottom time. Well worth the choppy ride there

Varella wreck was also good. Quite torn down d but still can do some very simple swim through. Most distinctive part are those 2 AA guns. Tiger21 lost his buddy this trip and I lost mine, end up he pair with my buddy and I pair with Betrand for a while haha

Oya there's also sipadan wreck, great dive also, especially at the safety stop with those balls of fishes swimming around. I might have a short video see if can find I post here

Food don't need to say lo, lob sure grow fat one. First 2 days we were all diving I didn't realise anything. Last day when we were travelling back only I found out how much I ate. Breakfast serve at 10am. Lunch 12pm. Snack 3 something. Dinner 6 something... Mouth never stop

Support you do wreck weekend again next year.

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Yes.. the biger came out.. sorry.. cameraman me... low in air liao.. so miss the last capture screen of "free willy"..:)