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Re: Dive Gloves and Pointer...
« Reply #10 on: 14 Oct 11, 21:49 »
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  • this group wont get banned from diving 'cos the DC making a decent living from them.

    When I in Malapascua, I wanted to wear my gloves once and my instructor told me why do you need a glove? It is not cold here in Malapascua. Wearing gloves will make me a bad habit and he keep saying with good buoyancy you never need gloves at all. So in the end never get to use my gloves at all there. And some more as his student, his students should never use gloves. heheeee

    The Hongkong group that are also with me but just doing leisure dive are horrible. Nice people but when dive, while rushing to take that perfect photo, they use pointer to push against the reef, use gloves to touch this touch that and fins hitting against the bottom reef just to get that 'photo' they want. Their buoyancy also sucks..keep hitting against the bottom. So by trying to focus on getting the photo, they end up damaged the rest of the coral.


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    Re: Dive Gloves and Pointer...
    « Reply #11 on: 14 Oct 11, 22:18 »
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  • i would say wear glove hold pointer doesnt mean the person is a coral basher and overall basically a sh_tty diver
    however these things are easily available and so simple for 'beginner' divers to just launch into this direction of getting/using them without any restraint or discipline. perhaps a cra_py instructor who did not teach properly doesnt help either.

    however, i would say gloves and pointer come in useful in certain dive locations/conditions/'missions'.
    some are v strict - just take pic of something and that's 'The Mission'. so everyone fooling poking grabbing that kind of thing.
    also for harsher dives with currents being an issue it comes in v helpful to protect against nicks and scraps/cuts

    so as an in between i personally use gloves with cutaway fingers. it helps with higher sensitivity on finger touch and reminds me not to be over dependent on the protection gloves offer hence not grabbing anything unnecessary.
    i dont use a pointer because a long on dangles and if positioned wrongly when suiting up it can hurt/poke u or something else. less is more.


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    Re: Dive Gloves and Pointer...
    « Reply #12 on: 14 Oct 11, 23:41 »
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  • Man, I love this topic! :P

    I was taught not to wear gloves since OW and I can understand why. Though these days, I dive with gloves all the time, I do think new divers should dive without it.  Granted we have stings once a while, but I do think such stings do help develop skills and respect for all things underwater. Because I dived without glove protection for some time, I'm sensitive to what I touch.  Even with gloves these days, the consciousness is already there. I've seen divers touching everything and anything underwater wearing gloves.. Some not even aware of it, and that is sad.

    Having said the above, I do not agree with blanket ban on gloves. Like some have already brought up, diver's fins IMHO, does more damage! But I do not see any dc banning fins! They should educate and evulate their diver's buoyancy skills before making such decision. Of coz, this is easier said than done.

    As for pointers, I use to love them, carry one make u look and feel like PRO!  :P  it does have practical uses too! Eg, digging into sand when current is strong, pivot oneself when taking photos etc. but I've seen many divers using pointers as underwater walking sticks, indiscriminate tank banging (so damn irratiting!!)!

    I stop carrying pointer underwater coz i cannot find a proper way to store them, and because I move very close to seabed, I dun like to see my pointer dragging on things. I think my buoyancy skills are generally OK, so I'm pretty comfortable without one.  And if I really need to pivot myself for photo taking purpose, I have my gloved finger!!  :D
    So they call it a 'FACT' coz someone made some statements on a 'FACT SHEET'? hummm...


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    Re: Dive Gloves and Pointer...
    « Reply #13 on: 15 Oct 11, 07:31 »
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  • I learned to dive in cold water and no one ever said not to wear gloves. 

    I disagree with the rule of no gloves or pointers.  Are they going to ban fins next?  Poor divers are the problem.  I would use gloves anyway, demonstrate good skills and ethics.  I don't use a pointer since I don't have a camera.  I did recently get a reef hook, knowing in some places these are banned.  I dove in Phuket and did my safety stop on a shollow pinnacle and my hand got tired and a little scraped from hanging on in the current.
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    Re: Dive Gloves and Pointer...
    « Reply #14 on: 04 Nov 11, 20:23 »
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  • It's a natural instinct to want to touch things with gloves on. Similar to siaokao, i was discouraged from the use of gloves during my ow course. Nowadays I wear gloves only when it's cold or diving at sites with current, esp those u need to hang on to the rope during descend or safety stop. But the consciousness of NOT wanting to touch anything whenever possible is deeply imprinted in me.

    I think instead of banning gloves & pointer, maybe the dive centres can help to emphasize and educate the divers since ow like mine? And reminder & awareness can be given by dc to leisure divers? The most important thing is that we as divers should learn to dive responsibly.


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    Re: Dive Gloves and Pointer...
    « Reply #15 on: 04 Nov 11, 22:33 »
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  • I only bring and wear my gloves on dives in cold waters (Nusa Penida), or areas with strong currents in case I need to hold on to rocks/pull myself down using the anchor line. Other times, I leave them at home or in my dive bag.

    I always have a pointer in my thigh pocket, but just for emergencies. I get annoyed when people disturb my Zen by repeatedly banging their tanks underwater, so I don't do it.

    My personal opinion on this, bring/wear/use it only when necessary, don't become dependent on it. Instead of using a pointer to push myself off a reef, I learned to do the reverse kick. Instead of using a pointer to push myself off the bottom, I practice to make my buoyancy better.

    Gloves are sometimes absolutely necessary, but most of the time they're not, and they do make you less careful about what you touch. I know this guy who wears gloves on every dive, touches everything. Once, after a night dive, he took off his mask and rubbed his still-gloved hands all over his face, forgetting that he had touched numerous hydroids during the dive... ;D I heard he weaned himself off gloves after that.

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