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Re: Nitecore SRT7
« Reply #20 on: 15 Aug 14, 10:33 »
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  • I'm surprised that nitecore is so popular in sg. Since in china, nitecore is most famous for its batteries and chargers.  For diving light, few diver use it. The most popular brands are xadventurer and archon.

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    I still think it is a good torch just that I won't use it for diving anymore.
    Its unfortunate that the brand reputation is 'tarnished' somehow with more cases of its torches flooding even though it is 'recommended for scuba diving', as indicated by the local distributors.
    Unless recreational depth limit is 2m, where the torch can actually work without flooding :-P
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    Re: Nitecore SRT7
    « Reply #21 on: 15 Aug 14, 19:50 »
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  • I had a SRT6 bought from emart, first dive 15m flooded, ruined the internals and the $30 nitecore battery along.
    But lucky emart allowed me to get a replacement, tested again and seems to work ok up to 20m.
    But like one of the posts mentioned, the bottom switch tends to get stuck at depth, so will have to turn it on, and operate solely on switch ring underwater.

    The light is bright and uniform with no hotspots, but the SRT6 only has a filmsy single O-ring, and after the first one flooded, I am not very trusting of the 2nd one. So I usually carry a spare one.
    My spare is the DRIS 1k Shorty that I bought from taobao ($~60 including shipping), 3 O-rings and takes 3AA batteries. Works great for me so far.


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    Re: Nitecore SRT7
    « Reply #22 on: 14 Nov 14, 22:58 »
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  • My Nitecore SRT 6 started to exhibit problem with the mode selector ring, as I rotate the ring, it does not have the click feeling anymore, the ring is in a way free rotating. I paid a premium price from local distributer who claimed 18 months one to one exchanged and 10 years warranty, I thought it must be very reliable and I will have peace of mind.
    So I wrote an e-mail to enquire about the warranty claim for my torch, but to my surprised, this is what I received:

    " Apologies, warranty only covers manufacturing defects like circuit shorts and blown LEDs. Missing clicks is due to wear and tear over time so we can't repair your light."

    I first bought the SRT 6 through the local distributor, I actually like it, so I went on line to buy another SRT 7. The SRT 7 already down with no white light and it was thrown into the dustbin, I can't blame anyone since I bought on line, that is my luck. But even the SRT 6 that I bought locally also good to go into dustbin, I am very angry. I put an analogy, if one buy a computer, and some keyboard button give way, and the manufacturer tell you, that is due to wear and tear, because you use the keyboard too much, and refused to give warranty, how do you feel?