Author Topic: Do you consider dive torch as essential safety equipment?  (Read 5522 times)


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haha i give it to my bro for his law enforcement duties for that one.
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think twice if getting the SRT 7.. Mine flooded once and Short Circuit once underwater.  >:(
Although it a great torch when its fully functional in water

If I'm not wrong, SRT 6 or 7 has only one O-ring by default (please correct me if I am wrong). Maybe it is not enough for diving more than a certain depth? I see SRT more of a land torch. A torch you can use for jungle trekking where you may have to cross streams or rivers. Or even swim with the torch. But to dive to a depth of 15m or deeper may not be too ideal.


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I read somewhere that the NiteCore SRT6/7 torches aren't really meant for diving.
The dive-able labelling was added by local importers after they did a pressure test on the torch.

But a dive buddy of mine had the nitecore torch, bought from local e-mart, for $180, $30 for the nitecore battery, and it flooded and died after we did a dive in Sipadan.

I carry a brinyte and a glotoob on my BC, find that the glotoob is quite useful as a strobe and signal light esp during night dives.


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I consider dive touch an essential dive safety equipment.  I do all dives with at least one working dive light.  I do not think you need this light to be ultra bright, but I ensure the battery is at least a C-size with enough burn time to last the a night or perhaps 2.

The reason I do that is simple.  You will not know when you will be left alone or separated from group.  Even in a morning dive, you may be separated because of bad weather and boat cannot locate you.  Having a light will give rescuers chance of locating you at night.  If you do not carry a light, you will lose 12 hrs and that time is critical coz the longer they take to find you, the larger the area they have to search.  Meaning the chances of them finding you will be slimmer.

Anyway, what is there to lose to go diving with a light?   ;)
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Useful in bad visibility


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I also carry a torch for day dives...I carry two torches. One primary n one secondary


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didn't bring any torch when i just started out. Now i will never dive without a torch and smb/reel. :)


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Buy lah... Simple torch one on land also can use....


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Yes, consider torch as an essential equipment.



  • Underwater bad viz
  • Signaling while underwater
  • Shine on crevices

On the Surface
  • signaling the boat when weather turns dark all without warning