Author Topic: Do you consider dive torch as essential safety equipment?  (Read 5523 times)


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Such notion was mentioned in the other thread, do you think it is essential for diver to carry a dive torch even in day dive? Do you think it is considered as safety equipment like the SMB and whistle?

Last week in Tioman, while I was putting on my torch, the other diver was surprised and asked me why I put on dive torch in day dive? Then the instructor join in and say, yes, it is good to carry a torch even in day dive. What do you think?


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I do carry my torch on every dive..nvr know when u need it..

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I didn't think I needed a torch cos I don't usually do night dives. But recently I decided to get torches. Reason :  noticed some DM carried one &  used it when nearing sheltered areas on a day dive, shining into/on dark crevices. I realise it can be dark even in a day dive and if u go under overhangs u wanna know it's not filled w something u didn't see without lighting. Also, I think if u didn't have any air horn or sound making device u still can use this to whack ur tank. Lol.
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I think a dive torch is not essential, but it is a very useful equipment to carry even during day dives.

One thing, the torch acts as half a weight, and it can come in handy when you want to look under nooks and crannies you come across during day dives.


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During my trip to tioman earlier this mth. We were diving at one the sites. I can't remember the name. The visibility wasn't very good. My wife and aren't really familiar with the dive site. We were following out DM but as usual while taking pictures. We both lost the DM. IF the DM didn't bring her torch along with her. It would be impossible for us to find the rest of the Grp. Glad that she waited for us and used her torch to allow us to locate them. If not just 10mins into the dive. It would be a Watse to abort the dive. Now I agree that a Responsible diver always carries torch with him/her.


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I've always carried a divetorch with me... one is always mounted on my Camera setup... another smaller one in my BCD pocket... day or night... always something interesting inside cave or in dark places...
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It's a good practice to carry a dive torch with you especially on your afternoon dive. It's like insurance. You'll never know when you'll go missing out at sea. With a dive torch, you can still signal passing vessel.
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yes, i believe at least a small torch should be a part of the standard kit. you never know when u might need it, so why not be prepared ;D
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Nowadays Many Torches feature at least 500 Lumen,

My Group lost me before when i was too engross with taking pictures, but the boat man managed to find me on the surface when im using my 2.6K lumen under the water.
And of course, reliability should be one of the top concern on getting your new lights.
Yes paralleled importers can offer a very attractive price, but they rarely offer after sales services.
Sometime if you can get it so cheap, you wont not know if the torch you holding had pass the Factory QC.
I do advise if you need some lights, pls get it from someone who can offer you warranty and after sales.
at least you can get back to him/her when the lights spoil. And also when Sh*t happens, you wont wanna get caught by surprise, that the very thing can save you fails  ???

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think twice if getting the SRT 7.. Mine flooded once and Short Circuit once underwater.  >:(
Although it a great torch when its fully functional in water