Author Topic: Etiquette surrounding lost/recovered gear?  (Read 81 times)


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t should go without saying that items which can easily be traced to their owner should be returned. If the item has been appropriately labelled by the owner, or has a serial number that would allow for identification, reasonable effort should be made to return the missing gear.

Iím curious what the etiquette is for recovered gear when the owner cannot be readily identified? Take for example an unlabeled dive knife or light. Is this a simple case of finders keepers? Do you initiate a search for the owner on local scuba forums/social media? Would you leave the recovered gear with the local dive shop/operator in hopes that it eventually makes its way back to the owner?

I imagine that the cost of the item may be a consideration to some folks. Is it really worth the effort to locate the owner of a $20 knife? What about a $300 dive light? Whatís a reasonable threshold (if any) that would warrant a search for the rightful owner under these circumstances?

Just curious to see what everyones thoughts are on the matter.
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