Author Topic: Diving in the red sea  (Read 2781 times)


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Diving in the red sea
« on: 21 May 10, 20:58 »
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  • Has anyone dive in the red sea Egypt before? Is it worthwhile going all the way there to dive? How the water temp?


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    Re: Diving in the red sea
    « Reply #1 on: 21 May 10, 21:08 »
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  • Heard from a German DI that the Coral & fish life is great.... but depends very much on which part of the Red Sea you are talking about. Also, while Egypt is in the middle east.... they do have a Winter Season, the temp could be as cold as 21-13 deg C.
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    Re: Diving in the red sea
    « Reply #2 on: 13 Jul 10, 12:14 »
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  • just to share, i did 14 dives out of my 15 planned dives in Sharm El Sheikh last June (09). I think it is quite a good trip. So for 5 full days, I dived around Sharm El Sheikh, and the 2 neighbouring islands, Tiran and Ras Mohamed. The 1st day was surprisingly rewarding. I got to see many amazing flora and faunas in the local dive sites. And during the 3rd dive of the first day, I was welcomed by 2 eagle rays swimming past me in the blue.

    And it sort of got me excited for the next 4 days to come. However, the subsequent 4 days of dives were just satisfactory. Not that there was nothing much to see, but I guess I had too much expectation out of it. I was hoping for either mantas or whalesharks to appear, but well, not too much luck for me. And speaking of luck, I was too short of it that the only dive that I skipped was the one that had a 4-metre long whaleshark! The price to pay for being a cheapo! Maybe Ive used up my luck on the first day with the eagle rays. But I believed that everything is fated and I will see one when I see one. Just need to wait for that day to come by.

    Some photos I took:

    Video of the Eagle Rays:
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    Re: Diving in the red sea
    « Reply #3 on: 12 Oct 10, 17:53 »
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  • Scuba Diving in the Red Sea Egypt main points
    best to visit the Red Sea between June and September. Air temperatures reach 40C
    Water temperature:20C (68F) in February to 27C (81F) from July to October