Author Topic: What is this? Hantu 9th January 2011  (Read 7090 times)


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Re: What is this? Hantu 9th January 2011
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  • Cool-Lee: I like your diffuser! Creative idea, can maybe trying making a firmer one with plastic milk carton and blacktape around too!. Think the spill over is quite a bit so maybe try medium power mode? Was wondering if you use the strobe on the fish will the fish or will the diver have a seizure first? ::)

    SK: Leonard, I think I finally IDed the fish, it's the rare oceanic shadow fish ;D

    Hmm plastic milk carton might be a better material.. but i want to be able to put it on and off easily (i still need the raw power of the torch for night dive)

    hahaha, that is interesting to try.. maybe those shy goby fish will just stone there when they see the strobe.. then can take close-up picture  :P


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    Re: What is this? Hantu 9th January 2011
    « Reply #21 on: 10 Jan 11, 13:20 »
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  • Maybe use a cable and some bungee cord to secure it instead? I took a carton piece, cut a round shape, made random cuts and folded the sides down to make a round shape then tape the sides to maintain the round shape. Not more than 10 minutes. IF you leave a O ring on the torch's front bezel, it might have enough friction to keep it in place and removable during dives. Less than 5 bucks too I reckon.
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