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Hi fellow divers,

I came across this meaningful fundraising project and would like to share with all of you. I am not part of the fundraiser committee. Looking at how much time they are left with, I'm just sharing something meaningful in which maybe some that are willing could help them out.  SIC hor:P

Details are as follows:

Project Outreach - Cambodia Srok (2014)

Fundraiser Details
Currently there are 479 children in Srok Primary School, out of which 92 are in Grade 6. On average, about 70% of Grade 6 graduates moves on to secondary school. The main hindrance for furthering their education is the bad road condition and safety leading out of the village to Han Chey. There are a big number of Grade 6 repeat students now as they are waiting for the new secondary school to

As volunteers, we will be involve in 2 main projects during our trip:
Teaching at Srok Primary School
The school is situated at Srok Village, Kampong Chaml Province. These children have no basic foundation of
English and have shown keen interest to learn the language. Thus as volunteers from YMCA, we are tasked to carry out English lessons for students in the centre. In addition to the English lessons, music, dance and visual arts activities can be included.

Infrastucture Projects
We hope to kick-start the construction of a new Secondary School building, including digging and laying the foundations of the building. This is where we need your help to help us raise funds for the work to begin. Skilled labor will be employed to build the school and volunteers will assist them alongside.

The 11 of us are committed to improve the education environment for the children and teachers of Cambodia. Any amount big or small shall have an impact to the villagers of Sork therefore your contributions are greatly appreciated.

As a token of appreciation, any donations above USD$35 will received an expedition T-Shirt created specially for our donors.
For contributions more than USD$150, our donors will receive a customized expedition windbreaker with your preferred name in front. Size chart for the shirts and windbreaker can be found on the right gallery.

Kindly indicate your (1) contact number, (2) size preferences and (3)preferred name (if you chose the windbreaker option) in the 'Leave a Message with your Donation' Box. This will help us with the orders greatly! Do key in your email address as well!

On behalf of the team, thank you for taking the time to read this and donating to our clause!

Please feel free to leave a comment for us if you need more details or updates.

- See more at:

*Note: Their donations currency is USD*