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Scuba Talk / One Degree 15 clean-up on the 3rd of September
« Last post by Dive Asia on Today at 10:24 PM »
Hi guys,

One Degree 15 is hosting a marina cleanup on the 3rd of September and are looking for volunteers. The event includes post-cleanup beers and a BBQ dinner as well.

More details in the attached image!


Dive Trip Schedule / Re: Up for a DIY trip?
« Last post by tcss7 on Today at 08:19 PM »
Count me in, whatsapp grp discussion will be good...

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Dive Trip Schedule / Re: Up for a DIY trip?
« Last post by Ringwraiths on Today at 12:37 PM »
Tenggol - Seems too Over-rated so a no go (IE: I Rather go Redang again with that pricing)
Perhentian - Had just went during July, you can try Angel Diver at Perhentian Kecil not bad tot...too bad the vis for the sugar wreck was bad..but might go back again, if we go Redang.
Tioman - Went during Mar, you can try 'DoDeeper Chalet' Friendly chalet and DM

We are planning heading Redang / Bail (Mola Mola) Next year again ahah


Hi everyone!
Seasoned divers may go "not again?" on this post but I am really excited to see if it's possible to find enough divers each trip that I am planning to various places like Tioman / Perhentian / Tenggol / Indo on DIY basis.
Sometimes I prefer a small group of like-minded divers (at least if you join me, it means you don't mind going a little budget/less luxurious and just want some adventure) and probably those who are:
1) New to diving and want to join a small group first
2) Not yet comfortable to join Dive operator trips / LOB
3) Seasoned divers who have a passion to meet / help those new to diving
Maybe all these won't work out but I want to try since I like to DIY trips! So any comments / help from fellow divers in this forum would be great.
For Tioman, currently plans are:
1) Get a group of 4 or 6 each time (1 quad or 2 triples)
2) Travel by chauffeured ride (have bookmarked a few companies with a good rate!)
3) Go via Tg Gemuk - need more info on the ferry timings
4) Try various chalets / dive operators - open for comments!
5) Make new friends and just have fun :)
6) Always try to keep costs low - so no Berjaya stays!
7) Open for longer trips (4d3n/5d4n) to take advantage of weekend + PH.
For Perhentian, currently plans are:
1) on holddddd - baby steps
For anywhere else, even those requiring a short flight, post your "wishes" and maybe with enough interested divers wanting to form a group, we can make it happen.
Underwater Photography/Video Equipments / Re: What to buy Next....
« Last post by Alvin Ho on Today at 12:02 AM »
1) Electronics stuff not worth much these days. Ikelite housing worse.
2) Depends on if you're sticking to Nikon or not. D500 is very capable. If not maybe a 2nd hand D7100/7200
3) Can consider mirrorless systems from Sony/Oly/Pana
Underwater Photography/Video Equipments / What to buy Next....
« Last post by yitxiang90 on 22 Aug 17, 17:58 »
Hello Experts!

I have been shooting with D80 with YS110a + ikelite housings for close to a decade (mainly macro). I been wanting to change out to a better camera but was reluctant to do so because of the sunken cost in ports, housing, etc. I don't mind selling off my stuff and getting a fully new set. But some question remains.

1) How much do you think I can get for my old set (ballpark)
2) What camera should I get next and how much will it cost (so many in the market now, and I have lost touch with everything nowadays)
3) Ideally... I would want a camera that can give me the flexibility to do macro, wide angle, and video.

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Dive Trip Schedule / Dive Tubbataha 12 - 18 May 2018
« Last post by DIN on 22 Aug 17, 17:31 »
A renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site and now an ASEAN Heritage Park, Tubbataha is a 130,028‐hectare protected marine area situated in the middle of the Sulu Sea in Philippines.

Tubbataha’s many beautiful dive sites are mainly made up of walls and drop offs and the marine park’s dive sites – such as Delsan Wreck, Washing Machine, Shark Airport, and the world‐famous Jessie Beazley Reef – are home to colourful array of marine creatures.

In addition to sea turtles, barracudas, jacks and reef sharks, you can look forward to encounters with large pelagics like whale sharks, manta rays and even dolphins, Tubbataha’s dive season is a small window of just three months in a year (mid‐March through mid‐June), so don’t miss the opportunity to discover the beauty of Tubbataha.

Date : 12 to 18 May 2018
Duration : 7 Days 6 Nights

Quad Sharing room: USD2,760 per pax based on quad sharing
Deluxe room : USD3,000 per pax based on twin sharing
Stateroom : USD3,250 per pax based on twin sharing
LOB Misool Raja Ampat Papua 6D5N

07 – 12 January 2018

Special Price

Include: airport pick up, dive up to 14x, tanks, weight, guide, meals, snacks

Exclude: airfare ticket, entrance fee, dive gear, personal expenses, mini bar, insurance, tipping

Call/text/LINE: +6584914482
Dive Trip Schedule / Re: Up for a DIY trip?
« Last post by Natarae on 22 Aug 17, 13:07 »
Hi Natarae

I'm quite keen. Any way to keep in contact outside of this forum?
Hello Mark, i sent you a PM :)

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Item sold.:)
WTS used Scubapro Spectra 2 for $50
Deal in Raffles Place.
Interested pls contact 91763504

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