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Sony RX100 iii with Meikon underwater casing.
Both items mint condition.
Sony RX100 iii comes with box (standard accessories). Two original battery.
Asking for S$700.

Can add pressure gauge and/or inflator hose if required.
Wetsuit, Fins, Masks etc / Re: Mermaid kick + Tank???
« Last post by hellhole on 16 Oct 17, 19:25 »
Get yourself a kick board... And practise
Scuba Talk / Why Do You Dive?
« Last post by Choco on 16 Oct 17, 14:12 »
Hey Guys~

I wrote a post for my internship and hope you guys can read it as well and let me know what you think.

I hope that my post can create a small thought that will linger in the people who read them and perhaps be able to influence their daily habits through awareness.

We need to be the start of the change we want to see.
As divers, we wouldn't want to go diving at the same place and all the time see it only get from bad to worse.

Share with me your reason to dive!

At the same time, it would be awesome if you guys can help me Like the post and page on Facebook if you think its good :D



Please read my blog post here
> <
Wetsuit, Fins, Masks etc / Re: Mermaid kick + Tank???
« Last post by Ddivex on 16 Oct 17, 13:36 »
jet fins with mermaid fin style.

sounds very tiring for me.
Wetsuit, Fins, Masks etc / Re: Mermaid kick + Tank???
« Last post by MARK1992 on 16 Oct 17, 05:43 »
I use jets and mostly use the frog kick.

Do you have access to a pool? Maybe cross your arms under your chest on the edge of the pool and practice coordinating your kicks there?
Wetsuit, Fins, Masks etc / Mermaid kick + Tank???
« Last post by Choco on 15 Oct 17, 15:12 »
Hello all!

I am new to diving, only OWD taking my AA in a few weeks..

I have a pair of SP Jet Fins (Yes, i know they are negatively buoyant)
They are still brand new, i intend to bring them for AA, havent used them before either.

So here's the deal, I am not a swimmer. I DO NOT know how to swim or do fancy strokes or swim like a frog.
During my OWD Pool session for the swim test, the instructor said he doesn't care what stroke i use as long as i can do the 200m swim so i did my best and went with what i felt was best, which made me look like a dog paddling in water (my hair was still dry at the end of the swim test)

I might not be a swimmer but this style of paddling has worked for me when i go swim at the beach with friends etc

BUT it's a whole new ball game when i was diving during my OWD (rental fins)
Not only did i not know how to flutter properly, i kept using my hands to "paddle"

I did not feel like i was tired neither did i have a hard time with my buoyancy. but the instructor kept asking me to wrap my arms so i dont flail my arms around. he kept helping me with learning how to flutter kick which i did not really manage to get because i suck at coordinating my legs without moving my arms thus i kept swimming like a very awkward mermaid..

I know because of the tank it made me look damn moronic...
but i was comfortable doing it and didnt unconsciously flail my arms around but i do agree it is not very efficient cause i barely know how to do it.. More likely, i was being an under water worm.. curling up my spine and pushing myself forward..

i know i need practice, but does anyone knows how this style of swimming and the Jets will go together?
Hello guys~

Let's do our part for the ocean by helping her to "detox"!

Shop: Amazing Dive @ 465 Crawford Lane
Tel : 96773627

Date: 20 - 22 October 2017

Friday (Day 1)
- Meet at designated meeting place (usually evening)
- Depart for Mersing Jetty via coach (3 - 4 hour land transfer)
- Rest stop
- Arrive at Mersing Jetty

Saturday (Day 2)
- Depart for Tioman via ferry (3 - 4 hour sea transfer)
- Arrive at Tioman
- Check-in Tioman Berjaya Resort
- Breakfast & briefing
- Up to 3 guided clean-up dives, lunch onboard
- Up to 1 guided night boat dive
- Themed Buffet Dinner

Sunday (Day 3)
- Breakfast
- Up to 1 Clean Up dive
- Lunch, log dives & debrief
- Check out. Depart for Mersing Jetty
- Depart for Singapore

* This is a conservation trip in conjunction with Tioman Berjaya Resort.
** Itinerary subjected to changes due to weather and sea conditions.

2-way land transfer between Singapore and Mersing Jetty
2-way sea transfer between Mersing Jetty and Tioman Berjaya Resort
2N full board accommodation at Tioman Berjaya Resort
- 2 Buffet Breakfast
- 2 Buffet Lunch & 1 Packed Lunch
- 1 Theme Dinner with Free Flow Beer
Up to 4 Clean Up dives & 1-night dive (Guided)
Dive Equipment Rental
(BCD, Reg, Wetsuit, Fins, Mask)
Welcome Gift Pack from Berjaya Resort
Weights, tanks and cleaning equipment

Marine Park Fees of RM50 per pax
Tips for the boatmen

SGD499/pax (Quad Sharing)
Singapore & Malaysia / Re: Bus to Tioman(to&fro)
« Last post by tcss7 on 15 Oct 17, 12:59 »
I usually buy the ticket from busonlineticket[dot]com for both ways.
They are few travel agency for different pick-up locations to tg gemok...
I'm still prefer a private hire car for return trip as mentioned by other divers due to heavy dive equipment (too bad... lack of diver for cost sharing)...

Hope it help!
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