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High capacity regulator from Scubapro

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Hollis DC1/212 Regulator. DIN

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Oceanic FDX10 first stage & Hollis 212 second stage

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Want to sell my nauticam housing complete with 12-50mm port for the kit lens that comes with the Mark one camera. Letting go as a set. Also included will be my two Inon Z240 strobes. Tray and arms plus the tie downs. Fiber optic cables.
My miscellaneous o ring care kit with silicone grease and stuff will also be given as i have decided to stop underwater photography. Asking for 3.5k negotiable. Contact me @ 96441915
Clear your soft weights during the weekend!
Good day all.

Has anyone used for trips to Tioman? They apparently use a Catamaran and it looks more comfortable than the old ferry other companies uses.

Please share your experience if you have used them before.
Thank you for the trip report namelessbear! Adding Ambon to my to go list. Good shot of the psychedelic!

Thank you! Definitely go if you're into muck and looking for an alternative to Lembeh! ;D
Olympus PMLA-EP01 Macro Lens Adapter
Condition: 9.5
- Compatible with Olympus Underwater Macro Conversion Lens (PTMC-01) or similar 67mm Macro Conversion Lens
- Compatible with most Olympus PT-EP series housing and Olympus PPO-EP01 port
Selling the following items:

FIT Pro Dual Handle Camera Tray - $150 -
FIT Pro Ball Arms and Double Clamps - $80 -
2 x 14cm Carbon Fibre Float Arms - $80 -
ULCS 10-inch Carbon Fibre Float Arm - $80 -
2 x Double and 2 x Triple Ball Clamps - $100 -

Take the whole lot for $450.

Reach out to me at 9855 8125 :)
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