Author Topic: DIR configuration : Octopus on regulator necklace ?  (Read 7743 times)


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Yes, getting panic is the biggest enemy in diving, one up to you that you were not panic. But on second thought I also don't feel good that you only switch over to your buddy's Octo as low as 20bar, unless you were very sure that your buddy still have a lots of air, but seems that your buddy was also quite low on air (From my reading of your post).

Yes he was low as well.. I didn't really switch I just had it in my hand in case I ran out on the way up. Nonetheless this was as real as it can be for me. I am glad I didn't panic and shoot up but managed to do a controlled ascent and a small safety stop. Although it was just 2 mins as we deployed the SMB.


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if you find your octo hose too long when clip to your right D ring, can always clip onto the left instead, stretch over your chest area. but draw back is you can only do that once you have put on your BC and have to remove it before you remove your BC when you have finished your dive.

for OOA its always better to think what happen if your buddy is not around? set a MIN bar and once hit have to surface accordingly.  Some dive resort i know will bar you from diving for the rest of the day if one surfaced below 50 bar left.


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I dive a conventional set up and have dived DIR which i find uncomfortable. I am a larger sized fella and i guess the long hoses can wrap tighter for me than others.

anyway I dive mostly with my GF who is familiar with the conventional set up. hence we use the following.
apeks balanced primary 2nd stage on necklace
apeks egress octo on right chest D ring. The Octo is mounted on a bungee cord that is pull free in emergency.

it is best in my opinion that you and your buddy are clear with each others set ups. Keep it simple just in case :)
i like diving with necklace as i hate fishing around with my arm to find my primary.

haha. safe and happy diving :)