Author Topic: USD Conshelf XIV Reg  (Read 4093 times)


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USD Conshelf XIV Reg
« Reply #10 on: 27 Sep 12, 17:21 »
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  • $100 for the whole setup with SPG and a octo seem about the right price.

    Ya 75-100. I think pay max 150 but it better be super ha


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    Re: USD Conshelf XIV Reg
    « Reply #11 on: 02 Oct 12, 11:48 »
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  • Ah a little bit of chrome fever I see, welcome to the dark side ;D I'll advise you to stay off Dacors though. No more service kit nor distributors (Mares might make similar kits but I'm quite sure you'll not find parts for the Pacer, maybe the streamline Viper, your best bet is to salvage old sets and clobber together franken-Reg (not advisable at all).

    Not sure why you you'll need wireless transmitter + HP hose? Is there the need for that sort of redundancy for rec diving?

    The gauges due to its age might also be rendered unuseable because of its age. IT's cheap but to put a set together and put new kits in might cost quite a fair bit and you'll be able to get a set of MK2 or Titan for around that kinda money. Vintage aint for everyone, especially if you're a tight arse.

    They are around but I've a hard time finding service kits in Singapore locally to stock keep for future and unless you have access to more resources than I can get in touch with, I'll ask you to think twice.
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