Author Topic: Any CHEAP open water dive lessons in Singapore?  (Read 29063 times)


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P. Hantu, i will say not really a place to enjoy dives  :'(

But the difference in price is really like $150-$200 more??

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And that was in the 50s or 60s? Wow, I wasn't even planned to be conceived yet... :P

hello uncle you don't tok....  ::)
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And that was in the 50s or 60s? Wow, I wasn't even planned to be conceived yet... :P

$350 in those days are big leh!!

Given the inflation rate hor, the cost of taking a diving cost will  be almost >$1k!!!!!


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Dun think Uni dive courses are subsidized.. they just use their volume 'advantage' to get good price from DCs and use plenty of student volunteers during the course.  Check out their instructor to student ratio!   :o

Even at the regular $600 mark.. this is among the cheapest OW course u can get on planet earth.  Any cheaper.. something have to go.. i.e. cut some corners.. Sadly, most of these students do not even know what they really got even after the course.  I do not want to say how such course are conducted, but you can trust me when I say u get what you paid for.  I totally agree with ew3 that expensive does not necessarily means good.. but anything too cheap or 'too good to be true'.. better reconsider.  :-X
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I rem a time in UNI when we organizes OWDC at $380 back in 2004,
that said, its now hard to get it this price nowadays.

i would say average prices are really around $550-$600 for our usual weekends to Tioman/Dayang

However, ppl are not fully aware on what goes into the cost of it. Sometimes higher cost would mean smaller class size, better resort, etc.
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U all Singaporean dun like that hor…. Keep saying bad about our own country’s water.  >:( Do you know our water is suffering from poor vis for us to become “first world” citizens? Sure we can have better u/w visibility if we ban all ships come into our water territory, we close down all oil refinery & plant at southern islands, but then are we willing go back as 3rd world citizens to exchange for good u/w visibility?

How about we define P.Hantu as a challenging or adventure dive site? Instead of saying it’s bad, lousy, nothing to see etc. We can tell new divers to be extra + extra careful when diving here, not just keep discouraging when actually it never had any serious accident happened here b4. As far as I know, there’s only 1 accident 6 yrs ago, but that case suspected was due to carbon monoxide in air tank, not poor visibility.

And the true is we hv plentiful of marine life, nudi & corals in P. Hantu and Salu, divers just need to dive slow & go really low to see them. These dive sites required divers to have guts, it also let divers know the important of buoyancy control, navigation skill, equipments (esp powerful torch, compass, cutting tools, smb etc). Last but not least, this is a dive site where you don’t mind buddy keep knocking on you, you will be much happy to know that he/she still beside you. And there’s a saying, “if you can dive Hantu, you can dive anywhere in the world.”

This is our country, this is our water! Let’s defence it, let’s be proud of it! (hmm.. think national day is coming ba, suddenly become so patriotic )  ::)


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As far as I know, there’s only 1 accident 6 yrs ago, but that case suspected was due to carbon monoxide in air tank, not poor visibility.

A 21yr old OW trainee died on CNY's eye on Feb 2007.  Got separated due to vis.  Not good to do OWD there.  Have personally experienced vis less than 1m!


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personally i am not sure about the benefit doing the course at local water, as it may put off the enthusiasm of diver to be.
but for those who have certified:
check out Hantu Blogger gallery
and check out their FB page too, they even found a tiger shrimp during one of the recent dives.

have to admit though, i am not a frequent visitor either  :-[


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dont go hantu la, wanna learn pay a decent price go tioman, have a good 1st time experiences in good condition water. what for save a ten or twenty dollars for so much risk.
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Just to clarify... I'm not against P. Hantu.... I actually wanted to try it for some time now... But recalling my own OWD certification... If I had done it in low viz and not much to see place, I might have given up diving.

Suggest for OWD... Better go somewhere you are almost guaranteed decent viz (at least 6+ metres?). Once more experienced and caught the thrill of looking for underwater life, then only go to these more 'challenging' places.

No matter how good the dive school is... They can't control the water viz. So even if you end up with a very safe certification dive, you may not enjoy as much if there isn't much to see. (remember also that in low viz, you probably have to get pretty close up to see stuff, and if your buoyancy is at first time diver level - chances are you will scare off most of the stuff that can swim away before u get close enough for a good look! And personally, as a first time diver I wasn't very keen to just look at nudis and sea-slugs.. The fish are much more interesting)