Author Topic: Required BP/W Lift Capacity (Diverite Travel VS Voyager)  (Read 75 times)


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Hello everyone.

Having a doubt about required lift capacity of my wing. Most of the time I am doing warm water dives with only swim suit and taking 8-10 pounds of weight changing based on saltiness. Today I've bought a diverite transpac xt harness and travel wing and it will be my first bp/w configuration. Travel wing has 25 lbs of lift capacity and it's description says with an aluminum 12 L tank do not take more than 16 lbs of weight.

My doubt is, even though most of time I am diving without a wetsuit, If I ever dive with a 5mm suit and extra 6-8 pounds of weight, I will be diving with wing's recommended limit of weight. Should I go for voyager wing instead of travel? Voyager has 35 lbs lift capacity instead of travel's 25 lbs.
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