Author Topic: Hello! I am a new/inexperienced diver looking for advice  (Read 3610 times)


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Thank you all for your great replies! :-)


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Agree with Fish Eye.
There are quieter areas of Tao and you don't have to party if you don't want to party.
I did some rockclimbing while I was there too (though I don't think your GF would be the sort if she doesn't dive.  )
Saw quite a few language schools on the island though.  Not sure about the quality or which language it is she wants to learn.

The other good thing for Tao or Bali is the volume which is probably critical for good training as a DM.
-lots and lots of newbie lousy divers.


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Hello friend..I recommended you to dive in Bali, Indonesia. I recently booked a diving adventure there & it was so exciting.
You can view that on the following site where you will find multi diving & other adventures in Indonesia & other countries.


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Bali will be a good place since your girlfriend is not diving. It doesnt matter where you choose to start because Bali is a big place. If you are staying for a while, you probably move around anyway. Bali also offers different variety of diving. Plus, there are more flights in Bali for your visa run and you can travel easily to Komodo, Gili, Lombok from Bali. Sanur will be a good place to start.
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