Author Topic: "Sidemount" with a backplate? Any potential issues?  (Read 63 times)


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I've been attracted by sidemount for a while now (just seems like a more comfortable experience) but not 100% sold. I did, though, just get two AL40 stage/pony bottles. Once I get comfortable with diving them tandem with my backgas, can anyone think of a reason I can't just leave my main tank off and go "sidemount" diving with tankless backplate and wing? I know it won't be a perfect imitation of sidemount but I'm very curious to try it.

I dive with sidemount folks regularly so I'm comfortable with procedures and mechanics. I'm curious if anyone can think of a reason this is a bad idea and/or I've overlooked something from a gear/equipment perspective. Only issue I can think of is trim trickiness but I've got plenty of bolt-able weight I can put nearly anywhere on my plate so I don't think that should be too troublesome once I give it a go in the shallows.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Edit: To clarify, I'm under no delusions that diving stage bottles with a tankless BPW makes me a sidemount diver. I'm interested in a dive or two to see if I find a vague approximation of the system annoying and more painful for my personal health conditions (non-dive-dangerous, just pain-inducing after a long day; yes, I've talked to my physician about it and diving) or the opposite. This is simply a low-res approximation of the style to see if there's anything that I specifically don't like about the methodology overall, certainly not a regular habit.