Author Topic: We want to get great insights from divers  (Read 670 times)


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Hi all!

This is Javier, from Raja Ampat Biodiversity Resort. We are a dive resort located in Raja Ampat and we would like to open a discussion about divers needs and wants when they decide to go to a resort to spend their holidays or spare time.

The reasons why we have decided to open this thread is because we think that this is a great place to get the best feedback to improve our offer and services.

Could you spend two or three minutes answering the next questions? Please, bare in mind we are an eco resort.

  • Main concerns and what do you look for in a resort and/or in a dive school to choose it above other alternatves?
  • Is there something you have never found in a dive resort and you want to get it?

Thanks for sharing your feedback. We really appreciate it!

Raja Ampat Biodiversity Resort