Author Topic: Any diving center at Pulau Permangil?  (Read 1540 times)


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Any diving center at Pulau Permangil?
« on: 26 May 14, 18:40 »
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  • Pulau Permangil as many have known  more for it fishing activities, also share almost same water condition as that of Pulau Aur. Any advice if there are any DC handling any dive trip to this island? Used to went there in the early 90's for fishing and snorkelling. It would be great to have dive activities there as well. Since it have fishing activities nearby and will not be in any marine conservation park. Don think there will be any marine park fee like those in Dayang and Aur. already dreaming of diving there..
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    Re: Any diving center at Pulau Permangil?
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  • dive trips used to be run there till the late 90s. in fact i did a trip there in 1999 with NUS dive club. but i think it was one of last few actual dive trips run there. LOBs have also done trips there since but not frequently. Well if you are thinking that permanggil is somehow out of marine park area do note that it still technically belongs to the state of johor and i'm pretty sure the same rules that apply to aur/dayang will apply there as well.
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    Re: Any diving center at Pulau Permangil?
    « Reply #2 on: 28 May 14, 20:35 »
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  • We had a fantastic dive there a couple of years back on the way back from Tioman. There is a wreck in about 6 metres in the west side, surrounded by and covered in coral, and a load if bump heads
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    Re: Any diving center at Pulau Permangil?
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  • Pulau Pemangil is actually part of the marine park that consist of Aur and dayang as per the following source, so the fee do applies;
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