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Hi all

I have been noticing a lot of posts about local diving and just wanted to explain a bit more detail what we offer.  Sorry its a long message, but its best to be clear what included etc.

Booking, rental gear needs and payment are all be done online at  No need to pay at a shop.  Just book and turn up, the rest is sorted for you.

For SGD129.00 you get two dives with tanks, weights and soft gear rental.  BCD is 5.00 and a regulator is 5.00.  We operate every Saturday and Sunday morning, during peak time we also have afternoon trips.

Singapore’s Southern Islands are only a 20 minute boat ride from the mainland of Singapore on the new Dolphin Explorer. The Dolphin Explorer is a brand new fibreglass boat and she is the only dive boat in Singapore that has two private bathrooms with hot showers and a dive deck that is 12 metres long and 5 metres wide.

The boat also has a huge rinse tank for your camera, two large storage areas for your fins and loads of over-head storage to keep your belongings safe and dry.  As well as the dive platform, she also has exit points on each side to allow for fast and non congested entry into the water.

The new Dolphin Explorer also has a large wheel house area that is air-conditioned. It is a great place to sit for student briefings, dive logging and even if it rains.

The most amazing place is the top deck, where you can relax in between dives, sunscreen required

GS-Diving only dives according to the conditions on the day. And “yes”, it is possible to dive at Singapore Southern Islands without currents.

Please note that these trips do not include Sisters’ Islands.  Diving at Sisters’ Islands is restricted to certain days of the month based on the information provided by Singapore National Parks.  Any trip to Sisters’ Islands will be posted separately.

We have over 10 dive sites at Hantu and we will also visit other Southern Islands as well.  This all depends on the tidal streams and conditions on the day.  The Dolphin Explorer Captain will decide on the dive sites and the GS-Diving Dive Manager will give all divers a full briefing on the chosen dive site. We like to ensure all divers dive within their limits and in a safe manner.

If you are renting dive gear, your gear will all be on the new Dolphin Explorer ready and waiting for you.  You do not need to collect the gear from us. There is also no need to try on the gear before hand, as we have a detailed sizing chart, that if used correctly, allows you to just turn up, gear up and go diving.  It’s that easy.

Singapore has a huge array of macro subjects that will keep you entertained during each dive.  We have critters in our own back yard that some people travel 1000’s of kilometres to see.  We also have resident turtles, cuttlefish, octopi, bamboo sharks and we have even seen black tip reefs sharks recently as well.  Read our trip reports at

For your local diving experience there are limited Dive Guides.

Singapore is best dived in small groups of two to three people, because larger groups are difficult to manage in the limited visibility and people tend to lose each other. Bring your buddy.  If your buddy can’t make it, don’t worry, there will be someone there to dive with you.  If you are a newbie to diving or have not dived in Singapore before, please let us know after you have made your booking and we will arrange for a Dive Guide if available with a ratio of 3 divers to 1 guide (SGD20.00 per diver per trip).

Brief Itinerary
Two dives at Singapore’s Southern Islands.  The dive sites will be selected on the day based on the tides and currents.

Trip Schedule
7.45am: Board the new Dolphin Explorer at the Republic Of Singapore Yacht Club (RSYC) – Berth C5.
Complete 2 dives with a 1 hour surface interval
12.30pm: Return to RSYC

 Dive Site Information
Approximate Water Depth: 5-15 metres
Visibility: 1-8 metres
Water Temp: 28-30 degrees Celsius
Air Temp: 28-30 degrees Celsius
Level: Beginner to Advanced

What’s included?
Tanks, weights and weight belts
Water, tea and coffee
Light snack after the first dive
Soft dive gear (full foot fins, wetsuit and mask) – requested sizes subject to availability
Several charging points for your devices and camera batteries
Camera rinse tank
Two onboard private bathrooms with hot showers
Air-conditioned wheel house for your comfort
Sundeck with tables and chairs

What’s excluded?
Dive computer (SGD5.00)
BCD (SGD5.00)
Regulator (SGD5.00)
Torch (SGD5.00)
Dive Insurance
Dive Guide if available with a ratio of 3 divers to 1 guide.  SGD20.00 per diver per trip. (requests must be made prior to the trip)
All Rental Gear and Dive Guide fees will be collected on the day of diving. Please bring cash.

Meeting Point –
Location:   Republic Of Singapore Yacht Club berth C5

52 West Coast Ferry Road, Singapore, 126887, Singapore