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Title: Anilao or Puerto Galera??
Post by: smurfzzz on 05 Jul 18, 17:45
Where will you chose for a dive trip?

Anilao is well known for macro, but it's expensive for solo. I'm thinking to Anilao Photo Academy to learn marco shots.
As my travel date is in July, the visibility not so good, so macro might be more enjoyable?

Sabang (Puerto Galera)  good variety of activities other than diving and lower cost. There are more variety on the dive site but probably just average?

Title: Re: Anilao or Puerto Galera??
Post by: diver-hloc on 06 Jul 18, 03:48
I'll go for Anilao.... if budget is enough.... and you'll be surprise how $$$$ Sabang is....  ;)
Title: Re: Anilao or Puerto Galera??
Post by: pubert on 09 Nov 18, 14:00
Just came back from Puerto Galera - went with Diving Park as my dive op. Dive cost was at: PhP 3,500.00 for unlimited boat dives per day dive guide included (we managed 4-5 dives per day including night dive). The resort is located at Big La Laguna beach which was walking distance from Sabang but much cleaner and less crowded.


The reef was cleaner vs anilao - didn't see as much plastic trash vs when diving anilao.

As for diving preference between PG and Anilao - while they have many similarities both have unique offerings too - but I'll give Puerto Galera a slight edge because they offer the occasional bigger stuff while also having the same macro offerings as anilao. Plus you can find other things to do topside in Puerto Galera when you need a break from diving.