Author Topic: diving in tomia vs hoga (wakatobi national park, sulawesi)  (Read 1042 times)


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Iīm planning to dive in Wakatobi next october. I have read most of the posts here regarding operators in the area. Iīm wondering if anyone has some updated information regarding the dive masters experience. Seems thereīs one dive operator in Hoga next Wallacea Operation. Tomia Dive Center and Wakatobi resort in Tomia. Since we canīt affort to stay at Wakatobi, i would like to know if the Tomia Dive Center has improved in the last 2 years or so. Would anyone recommend Hoga DMīs instead? Seems Tomia has much more Dive spots than around Hoga. is this true? besides beautiful coral, what kind of fish/turtles/big fish can we expect around october?

My other question is regarding location. Iīm travelling with other friends that arenīt divers, so to have a nice beach would be important. I saw on google earth Tomia is way bigger than Hoga, and also the beach that you see on the pics from Wakatobi Resort are in another smaller island next to Tomia so im not sure how the sorroundings of TDC are. what about hoga? why is it the Wallacea operation decided to be based there diving wise? any advice regarding location would be highly appreciated.

or would it be better to just go to bunanken (we are also planning to go there before wakatobi), but the main idea is to do some rafting, trekking, as well as a few dives, but not as many as in wakatobi.

Thanks a lot!