Author Topic: Layang Layang 5 -10 March 2013  (Read 1614 times)


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Layang Layang 5 -10 March 2013
« on: 03 Apr 13, 15:05 »
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  • It was a good trip. Flew Air Asia to KK, spent the night in the motel then next morning flew to Layang Island. Reason why you have to spend a night in KK is because the LL flight is in the very early morning.

    I liked the Layang resort. The rooms were alright. Clean, aircon. You might want to bring ear plugs because the walls are a bit thin so you can hear your neighbor if he is very noisy. Some people regard it as not luxurious enough for the price they are paying roughly $1,300 for the week. Maybe it could do with a steam room and spa - but that's just me.

    Diving wise - we go out in the dive boat 3 times a day. Spend 10 to 20 mins or so sailing to the dive spot etc.. Roughly 8 - 12 people per dive boat.
    Well, diving was excellent for my boat. We scuba dived with dolphins and 30 hammerhead sharks up close +  encounters with hammerheads, sharks devil rays, turtles, jack fish schools, and the huge array of marine fish, etc..

    However, most of the other boats were not so fortunate and didn't encounter the hammerheads at all.

    One thing I really wanted to mention was that the dives were deep. And the surge was strong. Basically one minute you can be hovering at 15m - then next minute you find yourself at 20m+.

    There were strong up and down currents pushing us every way.

    It was so strong that once - when I found myself being pushed down by the surge/current - I had a lot difficulty swimming upward. Wasn't just me - everyone in the boat experienced this as well - esp. if you are out in the blue.

    The only way around this was to constantly monitor your dive computer and adjust accordingly. Just bear that in mind when you dive in Layang Layang. But that is the case with most deep dives.