Author Topic: Manado Trip Review 11-15 Jun 11  (Read 1619 times)


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Manado Trip Review 11-15 Jun 11
« on: 15 Jun 11, 18:04 »
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  • Hey ppl!!

    Decided to do a short trip review on manado while waiting for my flight. Hope this can be helpful to some of the fellow divers here.

    Booked a suite room at Cocotinos cos it's a trip with my sis and dad. Resort is gd enough, quiet with helpful and friendly staffs. Food is only so so... And there are some pricing issue when comes to the full board meals. In any case, if u are not particular abt food, dun worry too much. If food is a concern, can ask me for more details. Spa according to my sis is rather worth it for the price and they often gives additional 15-20mins of massage. Kinda sweet... At the last night, we took a day trip to the manado town which cost 60sgd to their mall, and it was a waste of money and time. Rather stay in the room or do a spa. However, of u having cravings for some fast food, and wanna get some supermarket stuff, it may actually be worth going.

    Did total of 9 dives with a gd mixture of the bunakan national park (wall diving) and some local muck dives. I would say the wall diving will probably only impressed the new divers with their healthy and beautiful hard and soft corals, fishes and some of the biggest seafans which I have seen. As a trip to test out my new camera setup, I didn't really spot lots of critters and macro at the bunakan area. However, the wall dives are still quite nice for drift diving as u can just follow through the current and see the beautiful wall of the bunakan area. As for the local dives, Manado never disappoint as a haven for muck dive. Even without lembeh straits, we can spot squids, lots of nudis, shrimps, crabs, blue ribbon eels and ghost pipefishes. Photographers' haven!! Too bad most of the things are spotted when I dun have my camera with me. Damn!! However, I do have some complains as the guides tends to use their pointers to disturb the critters and corals to spot the critters. So they didnt really practice the "no touching" policy there. But their dive service is gd as everything is smooth and they even wash your equipments and return to u at your doorstep before u check out!! Kinda sweet...

    That's all ppl. Will post my pictures tonight for sharing:D

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