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I stayed at YOS Dive Lembeh – Eco Dive Resort aka YDL during my recent trip to Lembeh. After glowing reviews from friends whom had been there, I was really looking forward to this trip to experience the unique YOS hospitality myself.

YOS Dive Lembeh is an eight rooms beachfront resort that sits on a small area at the end of a local village. All the rooms are a within few steps away from main dining area, with a stunning view of the straits. The contemporary design rooms are very spacious that two queen size beds can fit comfortably and still have space for three working tables. Even the bathrooms are big enough to fit a single bed.

The rooms are designed to accommodate photographers, with a long table complete with several power sockets. All the rooms come with air-conditioning, wardrobe, heater and balcony. Also, there are two tables near the window so there’s no need to fight over space. For the photographers, this is haven.

Service is exceptional. From the kitchen staff to the dive staff, everyone is friendly, never fail to smile, polite and ensure that they to tends to every need. There’s always someone around to help if we need something. 

One of the highlights at YOS Dive Lembeh is the food. Meal are served ala-carte with a variety of chicken, meat, seafood, fish, vegetables, dessert about 6 or 7 sumptuous dishes, but impossible to finish due to the generous serving. They are so generous that it felt like a mini-buffet on each table.

The dive guide ratio is maximum 1:4 but most of the time its 1:2 or even 1:1. We have our own excellent dive guide, Hiros and own boat, until the last two days when a fellow Singaporean joined us to join the boat with his own guide.

Hiros is simply excellent. He took care of everything, from the dive gear, camera to the diving. He asked me for a wish list but the only thing I wanted was a bumblebee shrimp. Well, he found it on the second dive! Not only he’s a great spotter, but he is also an underwater photographer himself so he knows what a photographer wants. In fact, most of the supermacro critters that I couldn’t see, he would signal to me which direction to shoot.

Another good point about staying in YOS is that the resort is located in the middle of the straits. All the dive sites are within 10-15mins boat ride so we can go back to the resort for surface interval. The dive schedules are flexible and at our own pace.

Critters are abundant on this trip, probably due to the cold water. From hairy shrimp, to hairy frogfish, tiger shrimp, mototi, blue ring octopus, porcelain crab, bearded goby etc. I felt that a seven night stayed is too short here. Then again, it’s a good excuse to go back.

Overall, I felt that YOS Dive Lembeh is a unique resort in that it offers a completely personalize experience and excellent hospitality. This is the place where people keep going back and they have many repeat visits. It’s a homely resort and if you are aspiring photographers this is the place to go because the guides here are excellent photographers themselves. You can learn a thing or two from these guys and there always willing to share. This is my favourite resort in Lembeh now and I’m already planning my trip for next year.

Here's a short video from the trip:

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Re: Review of YOS Dive Lembeh – Eco Dive Resort
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  • Great review! Pak Yos is one of the nicest and most generous resort owners I know. I did my proposal to my fiancée at Yos Lembeh and he snapped our photos in the morning, got Fitri to design a banner and ran to town to print it. When we got out of the water, it was up in the dinner hall and they even got us a huge cake. This kind of service, where to find!