Author Topic: UNA UNA- A hidden paradise.  (Read 1295 times)


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UNA UNA- A hidden paradise.
« on: 10 Feb 16, 14:04 »
Una Una is literally a hidden paradise. Did not expect it to be that awesome but we had a superb trip. We are a group of 3 and are placed in one of their bigger room with the sea view. Its a lovely room with mosquito net and fan and our favourite hammock. Considering their remote location I think the rooms are simple, comforatable and decent. + with the amazing view we have no complaints at all.

Here we are served breakfast lunch and dinner. Emmi makes bread and Tante (the homecook) makes killer sambal! Even though the food are very simple we enjoyed it anyway. Could have some improvement in that area. There is only 2 small warung in the village so if you need snacks make sure you bring it from the city :)

The view, The diving and everything else is beyond our expectation it is one of the best in Indonesia. You see endless healthy corals we've never seen before thousands of fishes schooling baracudas just at our doorstep (literally) its just in front of the jetty. HUge sponges and colourful corals. its MINDBLOWING!!! The Dive centre is fully equipped and people are very helpful. We enjoyed every dive. Stayed there for a week and its not even enough. We would love to explore more and are very curious what more Una Una sea can offer.

Apart from the mind-blowing view above and underwater, the highlight of this trip is the people! From the moment we step our feet in UNA UNA we feel like home already everybody welcomes us. Andry and Emmi are very helpful and friendly, they try to accommodate us the best that they can. The Staff there are superb! We fit right in and just love getting to know all the guests and the staff there. We love hearing travel stories and meeting all kinds of different people sharing our experiences, our travels and our passion. We are very grateful that we come to una una for this reason as well.

We will definitely come back to Sanctum Una Una to explore some more and to meet more people and to see how our buddies are doing. Definitely worth a visit!

Here is a video link about our trip to UNA UNA. Enjoy!


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Re: UNA UNA- A hidden paradise.
« Reply #1 on: 16 Feb 16, 21:08 »
Awesome video! The surface and aerial shots are amazing!!
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