Author Topic: Underwater disposable camera  (Read 3122 times)


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Underwater disposable camera
« on: 07 Jun 10, 22:01 »
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  • You've seen this camera on sale at the camera shops and they have been on the market for a while. Are these camera really worth buying?


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    Re: Underwater disposable camera
    « Reply #1 on: 07 Jun 10, 23:47 »
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  • More like Dive Shop....  ;D

    Is it worth buying ??.... that would depend on what you meant by 'Worth'.

    If you just want something for a dive trip and how good the pics turn out isn't too important.... not forgetting CHEAP. Yup... they can be use.

    But if you plan to learn U/W photography.... better to get a 'real' digiCam.

    Just my 2-cents worth....  ;D
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    Re: Underwater disposable camera
    « Reply #2 on: 08 Jun 10, 14:01 »
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  • I agree with diver-hloc.

    I still remembered that i bought a disposable underwater camera when i did my open water years ago.

    My aim was to take picture of myself and the group underwater and maybe some fishes  ;D

    I guess it serve it's purpose then. It gives me pictures and it was cheap.

    I will never use those any more coz i don't wan just any pictures. I wan good pictures.

    So i guess it really depends on your needs.