Author Topic: Zoom gear for PT-EP12 (Olympus EP-L7)  (Read 756 times)

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Zoom gear for PT-EP12 (Olympus EP-L7)
« on: 21 Sep 16, 12:01 »
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  • As you may know, the Olympus housing port can fit among other lenses 14-42 EZ lens.

    However the housing does not come with a zoom gear for this lens and Olympus doesn't sell one either.
    So with the existing port, you will have to set one of your function button to electronically push or pull the focal length to either 14mm or 42mm. Nothing in between.

    I have found a guy who used 3D printing to make a zoom gear for this lens.

    Of course if you want to use bigger lens like the 60mm macro or the 8mm fisheye, you will have to remove the existing port and get 3rd party port like those from Zen.

    I find OMD a bit too big and the housing too expensive.

    EP-L7 with PT-EP12 is really just a little notch below the OMD and in my book good enough.

    I mostly shoot macro so I can use the 14-42mm or buy the 45mm (which will still fit into the existing port), and then get double flip adapter for both +5 and +10 subsee.

    Looking forward to try out the new set-up.