Author Topic: Olympus TG4 and Ikelite housing  (Read 674 times)


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Olympus TG4 and Ikelite housing
« on: 21 Apr 17, 00:18 »
Does anyone have any comments/recommendations on above mentioned combination i.e. TG4 & Ikelite?
I have the camera already and am thinking of getting a housing.
Is anyone using an Ikelite for TG4 and how do you experience it? DO you like it? is it better/worse than Olympus own housing?
Does flash work well without diffuser in Ikelite?
Any info is much appreciated and warmly welcome,
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Alvin Ho

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Re: Olympus TG4 and Ikelite housing
« Reply #1 on: 21 Apr 17, 08:34 »
The olympus housing works well. In general olympus housings have always been quite well made and the features are nice.
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