Author Topic: 5 Best Scuba Dive Masks For Men  (Read 2605 times)

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5 Best Scuba Dive Masks For Men
« on: 20 Sep 11, 16:51 »
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  • Hi all,

    I just found a threat which may be helpful to you guys. If you are looking a good diving mask, you should read the below:

    Shopping for new scuba dive masks can be daunting, but you can't go wrong with one of these 5 best scuba dive masks. They will give you the fit and feel you need for a good dive. A good mask should also have a good field of vision so you can see well while in the water.

        1. Apollo Bio-Metal This is sold as one of the first aluminum alloy metal framed scuba dive masks. It has an extremely soft skirt made from silicone making it one of the more comfortable scuba dive masks. The soft skirt can make it warp a little, but it still fits securely because of the wide split strap.
        2. Aqua Lung Quartz I This is one of the scuba dive masks that works well for larger faces with larger noses. It has has plastic frame, and a single lens. It is a good field of vision and it also sports buckles that swivel with a quick release feature.
        3. Omersub Aries 45 This is one of the scuba dive masks designed with free divers in mind. It is a frameless mask with a reflective lens. When the divers look through the masks they see a yellow tone that shows warm tones under the water. It also has a buckle that is easy to adjust while it is on your face.
        4. Tulsa M-14 Visualator The Visualator is one of the masks that has a wider field of vision. It also is designed with a smaller distance between the lens and the eyes for a low volume mask. It has a small gap in the side of  the mask for improved peripheral vision. As far as scuba dive masks go, this has one of the larges fields of vision.
        5. Cressi-Sub Big Eyes Mask This is one of the only scuba dive masks with lenses that are shaped like the eye. It provided good vision all around and even when the diver is looking downwards. It has a soft silicone skirt, and a good seal ring to make it secure around the face.

    P/S: I am so proud that Apollo Bio Mask was listed there. If you are looking for Apollo Bio Mask, is for your reference.
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