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Re: Regulator servicing recommendation
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great stuff there!

what comes to mind for me:
- can dive shops offer better value-service in terms of reg servicing, and instill more customer loyalty (and business) rather than seize it as a one-time opportunity to fleece off more $$$ from customers?
perhaps a wish i have is to see if any dive shops willing to store-maintain gear on behalf of customers doing a 'package' thing similar to spa outlets, but having some sense of customer confidence that they won't just disappear overnight like gold investment shell companies...

- how does this forum assist/shape how members who contribute and validate (eg. ebay) the authenticity of reviews and votes so other users won't be duped by false posts? what is considered as 'good' may be 'mediocre' to some, at the same token the notion of average-vote would help in normalizing the general consensus of dive shops. sure there'll be a crazy or two who would criticize or excessively praise an operator but if we look at tripadvisor, hungrygowhere they'll sort of even things out..
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Re: Regulator servicing recommendation
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That's exactly what I'm talking about limk!

If enough people provide feedback on a diveshop you'll be able to eliminate marginal extremely good/bad comments and get a general idea of how good a diveshop really is. The reviews should also be comprehensive, not just stay "the service was horrible/awesome but but what was good and what was bad.

Criterias could be:
- whether the shop is recognised service agent for your particular reg brand
- how expensive/cheap they were
- did the shop returned the worn exchanged part with the serviced reg
- how well was the regulator serviced
- did you take the reg back for adjustments after the service was done
- how good is the customer service (ie. in the event of additional adjustment, etc..)

But if people are too shy to share their feedback with others then for sure it's not going to work.


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Regulator servicing recommendation
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I do think that shops should be accountable for their quality of service and don't understand the general fear of posting such comments on the forum as it is a genuine customer experience


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Re: Regulator servicing recommendation
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for those who wanna get certification training, i happen to sight this here:


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Re: Regulator servicing recommendation
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U need to be a register company and they dont accept register company outside Thailand.


I am a service technician for ScubaPro and for Aqualung and for Apeks. The Dive Supply course is only for ScubaPro equipment and is open only to dive/dive shop professionals. I know of a very good technician course here on Phuket that will accept non-professionals as students (he has taught me a lot of what I know). For information, feel free to contact me.


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Re: Regulator servicing recommendation
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Wakiki Dive Center @ Crawford Lane is also quite good too


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Re: Regulator servicing recommendation
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I get my regs serviced at Americ Marine - located on the 3rd floor of Parklane Mall, on Selegie Road.

His shop is on facebook - type in www.facebook/scubaregulator

Eric has been in the diving industry for 20 years. He's pretty good for regulator servicing.


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Regulator servicing recommendation
« Reply #17 on: 20 Jan 14, 16:33 »
As a professional COMMERCIAL dive technician and diver I can assure you that all professional (full time working)(even Scuba) techs are very AWARE that all dive gear falls directly into the "LIFE SAVING APPARATUS" category. It is very sad, when a diver is willing to go to a "back door" operator because of price to get their gear serviced. I have over 10 scuba equipment manufacturers technician qualifications/certifications (NOT competency - which is different) and have to sit an exam every two years, and do "re-fresher" courses, at great expense to myself (course costs,travel accommodation etc etc), in order to maintain my status. I am NOT shy to charge what I am worth, because at the end of the day, I work on life saving apparatus, not my life, but that of others. I have a duty of care, to do every job 100% correct, first time, every time! Because, if I @$*)up, it is very serious. I have customers that I have been dealing with for decades, and, whether they dive once a year, or do 500+ dives a year, they know that the life saving apparatus they rely on, needs to be serviced, at least once every 12 months, or every 250 dives, which ever is first. I have never had a customer return equipment after I have worked on it, because it is not "working" properly. I have ALL the equipment, tools, manuals, resources AND experience to know what to look for (yes, all you divers with green corrosion, it shows me you don't care for your life), how to strip, clean, replace, service, rebuild, test and adjust, for optimum performance. I know that a service kit contains parts, parts that MUST be replaced on a service. It does not mean that I can twist a spring, stretch it a bit, and hope for the best. Its ok larr, does not work! How many divers have asked to look at a spares kit, count the parts, and ASK for the old parts back. Not to re-use, but to ensure that ALL parts in the service kit was used. How many workshops have an ultra-sonic bath for cleaning, or Christo-Lube for lubrication parts (NOT SILICONE), how many work on NITROX gear, but don't offer Oxygen Cleaning services? (what's with that you may ask, well, google oxygen cleaning procedures). What I would wish for is that all divers, take as much interest in the stuff (equipment, not colour coded booties) they buy, and use, for life saving, as they do for the next destination they intend to travel to.
I really hope that this makes every one STOP, think, then decide where (and who) will work on their LIFE-SAVING-APPARATUS. :D


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Re: Regulator servicing recommendation
« Reply #18 on: 21 Nov 14, 15:54 »
This topic has been quiet for a while now, so thought that I'll add a recommendation.

If you need to get your regs serviced and computer batteries changed, I'd highly recommend Josh and ProFix Solutions.
Josh knows his stuff and is as meticulous as one can get when it comes to all your servicing needs. To me having proper tools and clean work environment is the first sign of professionalism and Josh is on top of the game when it comes to these attributes.

As a long time recreational and technical diving professional and certified service technician for some major brands I'm very picky when it comes to getting my equipment serviced. And by picky I mean standing next to the servicing guy and looking what he is up to with my regs.

I just got a ton of regs back from him and would highly recommend him! He has a work station in the Living Seas shop at 140 Paya Lebar Road #03-04. And web is here

When it comes to servicing your equipment, don't go with the cheapest guy and don't go with somebody that services one reg every two years. Go with somebody who does it every day!

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Re: Regulator servicing recommendation
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I also only go to Pro fix as i trust Josh with the tools and machines he have. Also the meticulous work he put into servicing a reg.
I do agree that the Mola-Molas are a MYTH!