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We welcome all Dive Operator, Shops, Resorts etc to advertise your dive trips in the Dive Trip Schedule board and Calendar. ScubaSG does not charge any fees to advertise your trips in the Calendar and Dive Trip Schedule but request that you adhered to the rules.

Rules for Posting in Dive Trip Schedule & Calendar Thread:
1. Indicate which business establishment that your are representing, contacts etc. This will help prospective client to identify you and contact you.
2. Do NOT masked commercial trips as personal trips.
3. Do NOT sell any courses, items or service here, except for your leisure dive trip. Please post all other items, except for your dive trip in the Advertisement.
4. Consolidate your weekly Tioman/Dayang trip into ONE single thread rather then posting multiple threads for each week.
5. Limit your gratuitous self bumps to one per 24-hour period.
6. Please close your own threads as soon as your trip is over.
7. Any thread(s) may be combined, edited or removed at the discretion of the Moderators & Admin.
8. Forum Rules are subject to change without prior notice.
9. Please Don't Use CAPS in your Subject!

Use of description prefixes in the Calendar Event Title as follow:
Dive Shop : Sipadan

Members are at liberty to leave positive or negative feedback regarding the trip as a means only to informing other members to their opinion with regards to the trips.  Any inflammatory or false statements will be removed. However, negative comments regarding a seller’s decision not to sell an trips for their asking price will not be retracted.

ScubaSG will not attempt to provide any resolution to dispute, claims or counterclaims generated by the use of this forum. Under no circumstances shall ScubaSG be liable for any loss or damage caused by a member or user reliance on or exposure to information obtained from or contained on this forum. ScubaSG will not verify any offers or claims made in any post here and offer no warranty or guarantee on the seller’s or buyers’ reputation or the quality, availability, serviceability, safety or usability of any product listed in this forum.

You are responsible to evaluate the offers, claims, and other information available through this forum. Please use common sense before making any payment as ScubaSG does not have any knowledge as to the accuracy of any posting or transaction.

By posting on this forum, you have agreed to the above Rules and Regulations. If you have questions about posting in this forum ask a moderator prior to making your post!
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