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Title: how to get to Sipadan.
Post by: lisjung on 04 Mar 14, 22:45
sorry for the repost, cos i meant to post it here, but somehow it ended up being posted in "Dive Trip Schedule" forum.

hi Peeps,

 i'm trying to organize a trip to Sipadan, however, the flights that i'm looking at, arrives 1255 at Tawau(after transit at KL), which is too late for the dive operator to pick us as the cutoff time is 1230.

anyone has alternative travel routes to Sipadan?

also, i'm looking to arrange with Scuba Junkie for our dives over there, are they any good?

thanks in advance for the tips guys!
Title: Re: how to get to Sipadan.
Post by: lobbiez on 08 Mar 14, 11:52
If i may just offer some insight into getting to Tawau/Semporna/Mabul/Kapalai and eventually Sipadan.....

We just got back last week and we had a ball of a time with Seaventures.

That aside, you might wanna consider flying from Senai -  Tawau, you'll prob have more flight timings to choose from. That's provided it's convenient for you to travel in to Senai first. I believe the air fare might be slightly cheaper as well. (They will start the Senai - Tawau direct flights in April i heard.) If that doesn't work out you can also try Senai - Kota Kinabalu - Tawau.

Another point to factor into your consideration is the travel time from Tawau to Semporna (Where most dive shops are located, i believe in this case Scuba Junkie as well). Travelling from Tawau to Semporna takes about 1 1/2 hours. Better to check with your DS if they provide airport transfer as well. Else it can get pretty messed up especially if you're arriving the wee hours of the night. What we did was to spend a night in Semporna prior to heading out to Seaventures as we arrived at night. :)

On the credibility of Scuba Junkie, i can't comment much but be sure to check with them on the Sipadan permits, like whether or not they include/guarantee a permit and the no. of dives you get there. Chances are you might wanna spend an entire day there so it'll be good to check on the rates for extra dives at Sipadan as well.

Hope this helps and if you have any other queries i'd be glad to help in whatever way i can :)
Title: Re: how to get to Sipadan.
Post by: quik_silv on 30 Mar 14, 17:16
Just to add something. I went with scuba junkie and they did warn me that since we did not book early enough for the permits, we MAY NOT be able to dive Sipadan, and we enquired almost 3 months before.  They are decent for a dive shop, with friendly and helpful staff and seem to be in business for quite a while over there.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures I got from a 4d3n trip to Semporna and Mabul.  I tried my luck with Sipadan, but never did get the permits anyway.  The dives at the other islands are still very very good, lots of turtles, sometimes a shark or two and many big fishes in Mabul island underneath the platform.





Some other pictures at (
Title: Re: how to get to Sipadan.
Post by: skynozzle on 03 Apr 14, 16:06
There is now direct flights from JB to Tawau, but only 1 timing a day. Promo price now is as low as RM79/way.

It depends on where u want to stay, if it's gonna be at semporna, then it doesnt really matter what time you arrive, coz they will arrange for transport for you from tawau to semporna, u wont be able to dive on that day, but it kinda saves alot of hassle for u having to transit, and with the promo price, it saves u a bomb!

Scuba Junkie is quite ok, u can dive from Semporna first, and the day before u dive Sipadan, u will move over to their Mabul resort.

Title: Re: how to get to Sipadan.
Post by: fusionx99 on 10 Apr 17, 16:38
Just Bumping up the thread.  :D

Seem now traveling up to Tawau, we can go through Senai airport much cheaper. $178 ringgit only .
Title: Re: how to get to Sipadan.
Post by: Jaryl on 10 Apr 17, 16:52
Yup, went by Senai to Tawau on AirAsia last year.
Pretty good.  Airport is not bad too with lots of food options after checking in while waiting for flight.

Make sure you get a good reputable car hire company or taxi to drive you up though.
Title: Re: how to get to Sipadan.
Post by: fusionx99 on 10 Apr 17, 18:10

Make sure you get a good reputable car hire company or taxi to drive you up though.

Thats what i am thinking also, only 1 timing for leaving and returning, the return is a bit late.

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Title: Re: how to get to Sipadan.
Post by: Mickeygoesdiving on 11 May 17, 20:10
 I have an upcoming trip to seaventures from 20-25th June. Selling at S $820. Cheaper cos my friend got it at Malaysian rate during adex. One of the guys backed out last min so looking for replacement. Anyone keen?