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PastoDeco 4.9.0
« on: 27 Jun 18, 15:13 »
PastoDeco 4.9.0 dive decompression planner is now available.
What's new:

For rebreathers now it's possible to define a SAC multiplier for the first bailout gas. This takes into account the increased gas consumption in a emergency situation.
The app calculates automatically, for the first bailout a SAC rate x 2.5 ( example in picture ), then a normal SAC rate for the others.

BEST MIX CCR button.
This works as per OC dives, limiting PpO2 and PpN2, but also considering that in case of high PpO2 you can make an efficient diluent flush.
Added END incication when choosing gasses.

Now it's possible to export the Runtime in PDF format

Now it's possible to export the Runtime in CSV format ( to be edited in Excel, OpenOffice, Numbers on Mac, etc. )
It's possible to show a popup windows remembering CNS/OTU table

Bubble check function has been moved into generals settings (SETUP MENU), because now you can use it for both OC/CCR dives.

PastoDeco uses Metric/Imperials units.
Languages availables: English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Polish, German, Greek, Turkish, Dutch, Korean.

Windows and OSX versions, and PDF manuals are available on my website:

Andoid and iOS versions are availables on PlayStore and App Store.