Author Topic: Mermaid kick + Tank???  (Read 1654 times)


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Mermaid kick + Tank???
« on: 15 Oct 17, 15:12 »
Hello all!

I am new to diving, only OWD taking my AA in a few weeks..

I have a pair of SP Jet Fins (Yes, i know they are negatively buoyant)
They are still brand new, i intend to bring them for AA, havent used them before either.

So here's the deal, I am not a swimmer. I DO NOT know how to swim or do fancy strokes or swim like a frog.
During my OWD Pool session for the swim test, the instructor said he doesn't care what stroke i use as long as i can do the 200m swim so i did my best and went with what i felt was best, which made me look like a dog paddling in water (my hair was still dry at the end of the swim test)

I might not be a swimmer but this style of paddling has worked for me when i go swim at the beach with friends etc

BUT it's a whole new ball game when i was diving during my OWD (rental fins)
Not only did i not know how to flutter properly, i kept using my hands to "paddle"

I did not feel like i was tired neither did i have a hard time with my buoyancy. but the instructor kept asking me to wrap my arms so i dont flail my arms around. he kept helping me with learning how to flutter kick which i did not really manage to get because i suck at coordinating my legs without moving my arms thus i kept swimming like a very awkward mermaid..

I know because of the tank it made me look damn moronic...
but i was comfortable doing it and didnt unconsciously flail my arms around but i do agree it is not very efficient cause i barely know how to do it.. More likely, i was being an under water worm.. curling up my spine and pushing myself forward..

i know i need practice, but does anyone knows how this style of swimming and the Jets will go together?
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Re: Mermaid kick + Tank???
« Reply #1 on: 16 Oct 17, 05:43 »
I use jets and mostly use the frog kick.

Do you have access to a pool? Maybe cross your arms under your chest on the edge of the pool and practice coordinating your kicks there?


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Re: Mermaid kick + Tank???
« Reply #2 on: 16 Oct 17, 13:36 »
jet fins with mermaid fin style.

sounds very tiring for me.
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Re: Mermaid kick + Tank???
« Reply #3 on: 16 Oct 17, 19:25 »
Get yourself a kick board... And practise