Author Topic: PastoDeco 4.7.3 is out  (Read 2038 times)


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PastoDeco 4.7.3 is out
« on: 07 Dec 17, 22:49 »
New version 4.7.3 of PastoDeco is now available on all platforms ( iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OSX ).

What's new:
Deco gas list now shows MOD
1-click Cloud sync
Text runtime now shows gas start pressure/quantity
Editable gas initial temp / water temp for real gas quantity calculations
Van der Waals adjustment for real gas quantity calculations
EADD ( Equivalent Air Density Depth ) indication when choosing gases
Flash deco gases choice ( automatic deco gases list generation for optimized deco/PpO2 )
Automatic max bottom time calculation to limit TTS ou RunTime for a given duration
Reorganitation of top menu icons

Topbar icons grouped

Topbar icons reorganisation

Choice of deco gas w/MOD ( depending on deco max PpO2 in general settings )

Cloud Sync

Tank temp ( filling temp ) / water temp for pressure adjustment

EADD shown when choosing gases ( bottom / deco )
Here we can see that a Trimix 14/46 used at 80 meters/262f. as same density than air used at 44m/146f

Flash deco gases selection.
This function helps you to choose deco gases ( from the bottom to surface ) optimizing PpO2 and taking care about ICD risks.

Auto selected deco gases

New utility.
This can allow you to know bottom time to have TTS or RunTime <= @ given value.
In image above, we ask which is the max. bottom time in order to have a TTS not depassing 100 minutes.

Max calculated bottom time

Using the switch we made the same thing by limiting to 100 minutes of total Runtime

Android versions: ( demo, light, Pro ) on Play Store
iOS versions on App Store
Max OSX / PC Windows: on my website


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Re: PastoDeco 4.7.3 is out
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