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We are running a poll in December to find Singapore Top 10 Favorite Dive Centers. We think this will benefit everyone in the industry and will help maintain our industry standards.

Before we can do that, we cant possibly have 60 dive centers and operators in the poll so we invite all members to help nominate their favorite dive centers/operators in Singapore, Tioman and Dayang. We will picked 20 dive centers from this thread and include them in the final poll.

Here are the rules:

You are entitled to nominate as many dive center you wish to. If you like to nominate more than one, just reply each one in a separate post. Each post can only have ONE dive center name. Please write a nice brief review of your chosen dive center so that everyone know why you nominate them.

DM, Instructor and Staff of Dive Centers
You can nominate your dive center too. Self-promotion is welcome. Simply, write a brief review of the dive center that you choose to work with. There must be a good reason you chose to work with your preferred Dive Center. This will add more credibility to your review rather than trying to mask yourself to be someone else.

Please submit positive reviews only. All negative reviews and unnecessary post without any nomination will be deleted without notice.

Thank you!

Since nobody nominate any dive centre, i thought maybe i should start the ball rolling  ;D

I nominate Sunny Cove as my Favourite dive centre.

It was my first leisure dive trip with Sunny Cove, my beloved dog fell very ill suddenly. I still remember that it was a Thursday evening and i had my bag packed for the trip the next day. I was really in a dilemma coz i had confirmed the trip with them even though I had not paid for it.

Out of desperation, i contacted Thomas of Sunny Cove and explained my situation. I simply could not go on the dive trip with my dog so ill. Luckily for me, Thomas and Kaiming was very understanding and allowed me to cancel my trip at the very last min without any penalties.

My dog of 15 years died 2 weeks later. I'm so glad that i had spend her last moments with her. That was almost 2 years ago. And to this day, i really appreciate the staff of Sunny Cove for their understanding even though i may not have thank them enough. 

Since then, i had gone on numerous dive trips with them.

Alvin Ho:
I nominate Mako Sub-Aquatics. The dive centre for old foggies.  ;D

They're quite well known for producing well trained and competent divers and for having very experienced instructors. I've dived with many other dive shops in Singapore including, Friendly waters, Blue Reef Scuba, Apache, BBC, Wetworks, Abyss Dive Junction (no longer around).

I settled on Mako finally due to their high standards of care and concern for dive safety and their SOPs are clear and re-assuring. Most importantly i met a group of divers and instructors who are not only very experienced divers, but have also become good friends like a family.

Waikiki Dive

They have good follow up comparing to other dive center that I have communicated to. They are always the first one to reply to email. I am very particular about this. I called a few dive shops to book a trip to Sipadan last year, only waikiki and the other one reply, the rest seem not so interested in my business.

Diver Outfitter

Never dive with them and not sure if they have a dive operation so dont know if this count. I went there to look at dive bag. They are very friendly and attentive to noobs like me. The entertain you even if you tell that you are just browsing and no intention to buy. Not many dive shop do that here. I nominate them for their customer service.


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